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This is a view of the TX_STDT_ENROLLMENT table. It contains the rows for the "C" extract, which comes from the Student Term Extract tape as of the Census Date (defined as one week after the close of the drop period for the term). Credit, course section and other data about a student's enrollment in a course section. Contains one record for each enrollment in a course section for which a student was registered, for each term for which the student has data.

Grade, earned credit and other data related to the completion of an enrollment are not available from this view because the timing of the creation of the Extract Tape precludes it. Use the table for course section-taking analysis, for example, instead of for grade analysis, then.

Unlike ENROLLMENT_ALL_V, CEN_STDT_ENROLLMENT uses PROGRAM_POINTER to indicate which APS the enrollment counts towards, and CAREER_POINTERs indicate that the enrollment counts towards another APS after the fact. There is no ASSIGNMENT table to link the enrollment to a degree.

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  • DO NOT CONFUSE this and its related tables with CENSUS_TERM. These tables use "CEN" to refer to the Census Date, as of which reporting is done for the Federal government. CENSUS_TERM, in contrast, refers to the University Census, a periodic report of every employee of the University.
  • Because the Census Date occurs at a point in the term before grades are awarded, this view will not have any grades; all grade elements will be null. This supports analyses of course section enrollment histories, grade options, enrollment sequencing and the like, but not grade analyses. (See the ENROLLMENT_ALL_V Table.)
  • SSN reflects the student SSN during the particular term. If a student has had a change of SSN, older term records will be stored under the old SSN while newer term records will be stored under the new SSN.
CEN STDT ENROLLMENT Table . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home
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