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Links the instructor(s) teaching a course section to the course section taught. One record exists for each term an instructor teaches a course section and for each course section that instructor teaches. For example, if an instructor taught two course sections during the Spring 1996 term, there will be two records for that instructor for that term. If a course section is team-taught by two instructors during a term, there would be a record for each instructor for the course section.

Common Uses

  • Determining who taught a course section for a particular term. ("Who is teaching the Nursing practicum this term?")
  • Determining the instructors who taught a course section over time. ("Has this professor always taught this course (section)?")
  • Analyzing faculty load. ("What is the average number of course sections that a faculty member teaches during the summer?")
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  • Instructors are assigned to courses in SRS, on the 132 screen. This table does not contain the instructor names that are typed into SRS screen 129, unless they are the same as the ones entered on screen 132. When entering instructor information on SRS screen 132, departments can do a Name Lookup. The lookup goes to PennCommunity, and will find anyone who matches the entered name who either has
    • an active affiliation record with a Payroll source, that is PennCommunity affiliation source = PENNPAY, OR
    • an active affiliation record with one of the following non Payroll affiliations:
  • ADJF      Adjunct Faculty
    SFAC      Special Faculty
    VFAC     Visiting Faculty
    VSCO     Visiting Scholar
    WFAC    Wistar Faculty
    WSTF     Wistar staff

If an instructor cannot be mapped using the above criteria, they will not be able to use Courses InTouch, so they should not be entered into SRS. However, some records have been found to have "dummy" ssn's and therefore incorrect or missing PennIDs. Departments are encouraged to use only valid records when assigning instructors to courses.

  • If joining this table to COURSE_SECTION, use Instructor_Load to properly take into account the official share of participation the instructor has in teaching the course section.
  • SSN is not visable to most queries and users. Also, the SSN of the instructor found in this table is the SSN as-of the last time the course section was updated from SRS; there is no ssn-change process for instructor SSN. Use PennID for identification of individuals in this table. Joins in the Business Objects universes are done on PennID, instead of SSN.
  • This table does not have the name of the instructor. Either use CENSUS_TERM Table, or join to the EMPLOYEE_GENERAL view to get the instructor name.

COURSE SECTION INSTRUCTOR Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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