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Student Data Training

In order to construct your own queries using the Student Data Collection in the Data Warehouse, you must first complete Student Records System (SRS) training, and you must do the online course.

SRS Training is offered by the Office of the University Registrar. You will also need to obtain an SRS account.

The online Student Data course is a tutorial set up in the University's learning management system, KnowledgeLink.

To begin, log in to the KnowledgeLink site using your PennKey, and go to the Search box (see the menu on the left), and enter "Data Warehouse" then scroll down to the course called "Using the Student Data Collection in the Data Warehouse - ISC". Just click on the course title, make sure you are on the Enrollment tab, then click on "Start". This is a self-paced tutorial; you can exit and return as much as you wish. There are embedded quiz questions throughout that are there just for you to try. The final quiz at the end, however, is mandatory.

After completing this training, you should be able to construct most of the Student Data queries you need. Specifically, you should be able to:

  • Select the correct data elements and impose the correct conditions so that you can retrieve data as efficiently as possible
  • Know what resources are available when you need help in constructing a query
  • Identify the security considerations involved when using Student data
  • Identify what data is available, how it is organized, and how to access it as efficiently as possible
  • Recall specific questions that should be considered when writing a Student Data query

Remember to complete your Data Warehouse Access Request form. If you completed the online tutorial prior to submitting the form, check off the appropriate boxes regarding training on the form. If you submitted the form prior todoing the online tutorial, please notify Data Administration once you have successfully completed the training.


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