Tables in Tuition Distribution

Table Name # of Cols # of Indexes Comment
TD_CONCENTRATION 6 1 This table stores valid Concentrations for a student's primary instructional program.
TD_COURSE_SECTION 17 4 This table should contain one record per course_section and begin_eff_date. The data is loaded primarily from dwadmin.course_section, with subject_area_desc, section_school_desc, and section_division_desc being populated respectively by dwadmin.subject_area,, and dwadmin.division.
TD_COURSE_SECTION_GROUP 6 1 These values are loaded during the DWADMIN.TD_DIMENSION_LOAD insertcoursesectiongrouprow process. There will be one record per Section ID per term, with an assigned "Teaching Group Key". When descriptions or other attributes in this table change, a new record is inserted and the Current Record indicator of the previous record is changed to F(alse)
TD_DEFERRED_INCOME_FACT 10 3 This table stores the school deferred income, as identified in BRS_DETAIL with brs_user = 'T' and the extract term. Deferred income is the amount of money that has been "paid" by a student and transferred through existing accounting feeds from BRS to GL. The deferred income, grouped by COA, provides the detail needed to process the clearing journal at the beginning of the journal generation process. The total paid_amount for a single date_key should equal the total applied_tuition in the td_instr_program_tuition_fact for the same date_key.
TD_DISTRIBUTION_FACT 24 17 This table contains final aggregates of Tuition Distribution snapshots.
TD_DUAL_DEGREE 3 1 This table contains valid dual degrees used throughout the university.
TD_FEEDER 44 1 Feeder holds the data which is used to populate the feeder files which are sent to the bursar system for Tuition Distribution.
TD_INSTRUCTIONAL_PROGRAM 18 6 This table will hold the unique school, division, degree, major, special_program combinations that represent the instructional programs. If new combinations arrive, that record should be inserted complete with descriptions for each column. The description for school, division, degree, major, special program can be found in, dwadmin.division,, dwst.major, and dwst.special_program.
TD_INSTRUCTOR 7 3 This table is used to store instructors for the Tuition Distribution program.
TD_INSTRUCTOR_APPOINTMENT 11 2 This table is used to store employment appointments for instructors.
TD_INSTRUCTOR_SECTION_FACT 13 9 This table contains data relating an instructor to a particular section.
TD_INSTR_PROGRAM_TUITION_FACT 8 4 This table contains billed and applied numbers for instructional programs.
TD_JOINT_DEGREE 7 2 This table contains a history of valid joint degrees.
TD_JOINT_DEGREE_PERCENTAGE 3 3 Joint degree percentage contains the specification of percentages which should be split between schools for particular joint degrees. A student in the Student Registration System (SRS) has one primary home school; the school in which they matriculated. Occasionally a student may enroll in a program which has pre-arranged splits between schools, commonly called joint degrees. In these cases, the partner schools agree to share the home school portion of the tuition. The student's record in SRS is labeled with a Joint Degree flag. The primary home school of that student maintains the Joint Degree code.
TD_NON_TAXABLE 2 1 This table is used to contain taxable status. Rows which reference the non taxable row of this table represent courses which do not pay University Tax. Rows which reference the taxable row represent courses which do pay University Tax.
TD_PROGRAM_TYPE_LU 5 1 This table contains values which allow the splitting of tuition for courses depending on date object codes.
TD_RESERVE_RATE_FACT 4 3 Reserve is a financial concept, used to account for the amount of money which offsets unpaid receivables. In double entry accounting, reserve offsets bad debt. Student Financial Services (SFS) is responsible for making the reserve and bad debt journal entries, based on their billing rates. They track the collection rates for each academic division at Penn.
TD_SCHOOL 9 1 This is the main listing for all possible home school and teaching school records. Thus, this is different from the DWADMIN.SCHOOL table which does not contain listings for CGS or SS. Every record in the TD_DISTRIBUTION_FACT will have at least one home school and one teaching school, relating back to this table
TD_SCHOOL_CENTER 11 2 This data primarily comes from the TUDADMIN schema and, barring changes to schools, is unlikely to change often. The Chart of Account data will be entered by a member of the client group. There will be records for each teaching school (13) as well as distinct values for those schools with authorized section divisions (CGS,SS). Each school/center may designate one 22-character account sequence, excluding the object code.
TD_SECTION_TITLE 2 3 Section Title contains the descriptive name of a particular course.
TD_STUDENT 7 6 This table is loaded from dwadmin.person_all_v where the student has registered for at least one course section during a term. There should a unique record for this student in this table. Uniqueness will be determined by student_sid and begin_eff_date. If a new value for student name, student_sid or student_pennid is extracted by SRS, then the current record should be updated by posting the sysdate in the end_eff_date, the current flag set to 'H' and a new record inserted.
TD_STUDENT_REGISTRATION_FACT 14 13 The grain of this table is one record per student per term per section_id. The primary key is made up of those three attributes. All primary and foreign keys in this table will be obtained through the related dimension and views. The only metrics in the table are weighted course unit and headcount (default = 1).
TD_TEACHING_GROUP 2 1 Teaching Group holds groups of schools which collaborate on particular courses and thus split the income from the course.
TD_TEACHING_SCHOOL_PERCENTAGE 3 3 This table contains data indicating the percentage of income which should go to a particular school for a particular course. A teaching group is an aggregate of schools which split the income from a course.
TD_TERM_SESSION 3 1 This table contains data indicating the type of term sessin which a course occurs in - whether it is a special offering, a full term, a first session, a second session, or a summer 12 week session.
TD_TIME_DIMENSION 27 1 Time dimension stores the dates upon which snapshots of financial state should be taken.