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Corporate Reports in the Business Objects Repository - Travel & Expense Management Data

The Business Objects repository contains reports which users can use to retrieve data to which they have access. To import reports for your own use:

Using InfoView:

The InfoView web page allows you to view the list of corporate documents in the Business Objects repository and refresh and download those documents via the web. To access the corporate documents using InfoView (Business Objects users only):

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Enter your Business Objects ID and password in the User Name and Password fields that appear. Click OK to continue to the InfoView Welcome page.
  3. The InfoView web portal allows you to view the list of reports in the Business Objects Public Folders, refresh those documents via the web, and if desired, save them to your desktop as Excel or pdf files. The Public Folders are listed in InfoView when you navigate to "Document List." You will only be able to view or use reports in the public folders that you have access to. Documents should be renamed and saved to your own "My Favorites" folder on the portal if you need to edit them using Webi. Documents can only be edited in Webi when placed in your "My Favorites" folder.

Travel and Expense (TEM) Management

International Travel: Displays Concur expense report detail for reports associated with travels outside the United States.

TEM Report Inquiry: Displays SAE and Concur expense report detail and GL journal detail for reports in a given processed date and ORG range.

TEM Report Inquiry - Unprocessed reports only: Displays Concur expense report detail for unprocessed reports in a given ORG range. Includes an optional prompt for report name/ID.

TEM Report Processing Flow Review: Displays Concur expense detail report header, comments and workflow information for reports for a given number of days between submission and processing for payment dates.

TEM workflow review: Enter Report Key(s) in response to the prompt to view the full workflow for a TEM report.

Unapplied Cash Advances: Display names and amounts, by person, of cash advances which have not yet been applied to expense reports. Travel begin/end dates are provided where available.

Unassigned and Unsubmitted Credit Card Charges: Displays Concur credit card and expense report detail to facilitate review of charges which have not yet been applied to expense reports, and also charges applied to reports which have not yet been processed (based on charge transaction date range).

Exception reports

Exception reports include multiple tabs to review basic report or report entry information, comments entered, and processing workflow. Reports are available to highlight the following processing exceptions:

  • 1STCLASS: 1st Class/Business Class ticket purchase or the use of Sedan/Limo service requires Supplemental Approval by the Head of the S/C or designated representative
  • AVGCOST: The Average Cost Per Attendee is Greater Than $80.00
  • DAYSOVER: Transaction Dates greater than 182 days require Supplemental Approval by the Head of the S/C or designated representative
  • DINMAX or LUNMAX: Dinner must be $80 or less; or Lunch must be $35 or less
  • HOTELNO: Personal meals are defined as meal expenses incurred when traveling on an out-of-town business trip, which would typically include an overnight stay or extended work day as a result of the travel
  • MRAFLAG: Expense reports that tripped the MRAFLAG warning in Concur (Missing Receipt Affidavit Present.)
  • PENNDUP: This expense entry maybe a duplicate
  • STUDENT: The student/trainee will include in the Business Justification field full detail of scope of assignment including location, dates, activity and provide the name of the specific school/ faculty member/ University organization supporting this assignment. The student/trainee will promote the business objectives of the University and/or consult with and advise the University on matters and/or perform representation relating to the provided information.
  • TA1000: Travel Advance requests greater than $1,000 require the Supplemental Approver to be the Head of the S/C or designated representative
  • TA90DAYS: Travel Advance requests with a trip duration greater than 90 days requires the Supplemental Approver to be the Head of the S/C or designated representative.

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