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IT Privacy Initiative:
Replacing SSN in the Data Warehouse

A Second Proposed Solution - “Overloaded Penn ID"

  • How it would work:
    • A temporary, Warehouse-specific "Penn ID" will be assigned to people without Penn ID within the context of the Data Warehouse Student and Salary Management collections.
    • When the real Penn ID is created for the individual in Penn Community, it will be used to overwrite the assigned one, in all Warehouse records.
    • An audit table of Penn ID changes will be created.

  • Suggested values:
    • Numeric values for the assigned numbers
      • Although alphanumeric would allow for easy visual identification of the Warehouse-specific Penn ID, external applications (such as ISC FAST applications like Online Grading) expect Penn ID values to be numeric (or null).
    • Format (numerics vs alphanumeric) is not a critical factor in the development of this solution, and can be altered before go-live if necessary.

  • Access - proposed new database roles:
    • Access to temporary Penn ID: For applications (including some of the ISC FAST apps) where the assigned Penn IDs would cause operational problems, hides assigned Penn IDs, shows only real Penn IDs.
    • Access to SSN: Full SSN hidden from users who don't have the role (granted only in accordance with OACP policy).

  • Proposed New Column:
    • "Final four-digit" SSN will be available for all users (including those who don't have access to the entire 9-digit number).
    • Will be added only to those tables and views already containing bio/demo data, like PERSON in the Student collection and EMPLOYEE in Salary Management.
    • Will not be indexed; should not be used as part of search criteria.

  • Anticipated Timeline:
    • User consultation through first three weeks of May 2007.
    • Basic infrastructure in test Warehouse environments by the end of May.
    • Acceptance and integration testing in June 2007.
    • Infrastructure delivery by end of FY 07 (July 2007).

  • Environments:
    • Changes will be developed and tested in DWHE and then ported to RDHE

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