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IT Privacy Initiative:
Join Key in the Data Warehouse

July 9, 2007 - Super User's Group (SUG) presentation

May 16, 2007 - Solution Presented to AIT/ASTT Developers

April 12 and 17, 2007
Bits and Pieces Room - Sansom West, 3rd floor


  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of objective, problem analysis
  3. Proposed solution: Data Warehouse ID (alias for legacy ID)
  4. Outline distributed to attendees
  5. Convert Id utility introduced, information distributed
  6. Discussion points:
    • Why every record in data warehouse does not have a PennId
    • What should field be called?
    • How frequently will the number change?
    • Will previous alias field be added to tables and views?
    • Will there be a central lookup table?
    • If lookup and audit tables were provided for the alias, legacy ID could be eliminated soon
    • Need to be able to use this alias in downloads to downstream databases
    • While users see the need for records to have PennId, they must be able to provide accurate counts even for those records without PennId
    • If this Data Warehouse ID cannot be used as a local key, more users will need access to the legacy ID
    • Greatest concern is for historical records currently without PennID
    • Suggestion for overall discussion of Penn Community conflict resolution process
  7. Alternate approaches are currently under discussion.

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