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IT Privacy Initiative:
Joining Records in the Data Warehouse

“Overloaded Penn ID"

  • How it works:
    • A temporary, Warehouse-specific "Penn ID" is assigned to people without Penn ID within the context of the Data Warehouse Student and Salary Management collections.
    • When the real Penn ID is created for the individual in Penn Community, it will be used to overwrite the assigned one, in all Warehouse records.
    • An audit table of Penn ID changes has been created: DW_PENNID_CHANGES

  • Values:
    • Numeric values for the assigned numbers
      • Although alphanumeric would allow for easy visual identification of the Warehouse-specific Penn ID, external applications (such as ISC FAST applications like Online Grading) expect Penn ID values to be numeric (or null).

  • New Column:
    • Final four-digit" SSN has been added only to those tables and views already containing bio/demo data, like PERSON in the Student collection and EMPLOYEE in Salary Management.
    • Is not indexed; should not be used as part of search criteria.
    • Access will be limited according to the timeline given below.

  • Access - New database roles:
    • Access to temporary Penn ID: For applications (including some of the ISC FAST apps) where the assigned Penn IDs would cause operational problems, hides assigned Penn IDs, shows only real Penn IDs.
    • Access to SSN: Full SSN hidden from users who don't have the role (granted only in accordance with OACP policy).
    • Access to SSN4: Final four digits of SSN (granted only in accordance with OACP policy).

  • Timeline:

    August 1, 2007

    New users do not get access to SSN without approved SSN access request.

    September 1, 2007

    Deadline for existing users to submit SSN access request.

    October 15, 2007

    SSN access is withdrawn from users who have not submitted a request or have had their request denied.

  • Environments:
    • Changes were developed and tested in DWHE and RDHE, then ported to WHSE
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