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ISC Networking Mail Servers Disk Quotas

Users on ISC Networking mail servers are given a disk quota which regulates the amount of disk space available to them in the user's home directory. Each user is given disk space for the storage of the user's mail spool or Inbox where new mail messages are stored, other Mail folders, HTML documents and other personal files.

Please see our rates page for the current quota and pricing for increases to the disk quota.

As an LSP you can opt to increase the disk quotas for your users but we have set a ceiling of 1GB as the highest quota that you can set for a user. The filesystems have been designed and optimized anticipating that users will have quotas no higher than 1GB. We recognize that there may be situations where a user may need a quota greater than 1GB. If you have such a user, please contact the ProDesk, specifying how much additional disk space you need in increments of 250MB. Any request for more than 1GB of disk space will be evaluated. Since an allocation of disk space greater than 1GB for any user could mean a significant change to the file systems, not all requests will be approved. If approved, there is a $50.00 handling and monitoring fee that will be charged for assigning the additional disk space.

If your user is an Exchange user and is using Outlook, your user may start to see questionable behavior on the client side if any folder approaches 2GB in size. For this reason we do not recommend a disk quota greater than 1.75GB for an Exchange user.


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