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ISC Networking Mail Servers Autoquota

Users on ISC Networking mail servers (like,, are given a disk quota which regulates the amount of disk space available to them in the user's home directory. More information about quotas is available.

Autoquota is a process that we run where we continuously monitor the system logs looking for quota messages about special users who should never be in jeopardy of going over quota. When a warning is logged that one of these special users has gone over quota, autoquota will automatically increase the user's quota, update the billing information and send an email notification to the account administrators responsible for the user. Additionally these users have a hard disk quota of 10GB. This is dramatically different from other users whose hard disk quota is 1MB greater than the soft disk quota. The difference between the soft disk quota and the hard disk quota is a grace window that allows the user to continue to receive some mail when user goes over the soft disk quota. The 10GB hard disk quota that we set for the autoquota usrs is an additional failsafe to insure that the user will continue to receive mail regardless of the quota situation. This avoids the need for an account administrator to constantly monitor/change quota for these special users and the users will not miss any mail.

Please note that because of the design of this process we can only support disk quotas up to 1GB. If autoquota finds that it must increase the disk quota for a user beyond 1GB, an error message will be sent to the account administrators and no quota change will occur.

To add a user to autoquota monitoring, please contact the ProDesk.


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