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Web homepages on ISC Networking and Telecommunications email servers

Note: As of April 1st, 2008 personal homepages are no longer supported

Users who have accounts on ISC Networking and Telecommunications email servers can also have a website.
  • Creating/Registering/Unregistering your homepage
    Users have a utility that will create a simple homepage and will give the user the option of listing that homepage in the server's index of homepages.

    This process will divide your personal account into a private and a public section. All data including your mail that has been saved in your account presently will remain private. The pages that are open to the public and can be viewed with a web browser are limited to a single UNIX directory called 'html.'

    After logging into the server, at either the MAIN MENU or UNIX prompt,

    1. type makehome

    Just follow the online instructions to either create a new homepage or register/unregister your homepage from the server's index of homepages.

  • Modifying your new homepage
    This is potentially the most challenging job. You might want to understand a little bit about UNIX, and HTML.
    1. login to the email server.
    2. type unix from the MAIN MENU to escape to the UNIX environment.
    3. type cd html change directory to your public html directory.
      HTML is an acronym for 'Hypertext Markup Language'. This directory will 'hold' your home page, and any other public files you would like to provide to the Web.
    4. type pico index.html> to begin editing your homepage.
    5. type <CTRL>X when finished. Be sure to save the file by responding to :
      Modified buffer: Save before leaving (y/n)?

      with y (yes).

    6. type menu to return to the email server's MAIN MENU.

    Alternatively, you may want to create your homepage off the server and then move the new homepage to the server. One way to do this is with FTP.

  • Deleting your homepage from the index of homepages
    This process will not erase your home page, but merely remove its listing from the system's list of home pages.
    1. Login to the email server.
    2. type makehome from the MAIN MENU
    3. choose unregister from the makehome menu and follow the online instructions.

  • Accessing your new homepage
    Your page is now listed as a Web 'link' on the system home page. Your page can be accessed directly with its address, in the format:

    Therefore, if your username is joe and your system-name is, your URL will be:


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