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ISC Networking and Telecommunications Email Service - Forward-only Accounts

Administrators can now opt to create a Forward-only account.

What the Forward-only user can do:

  • Receive mail addressed to [PennKey] or any other virtual domain associated with the user's org (e.g., [PennKey], [PennKey], [PennKey], [PennKey], etc.)
  • Have all received mail scanned for viruses.
  • Have all received mail tagged for spam.
  • Change the forwarding email address through the Account Services application.

What the Forward-only user CANNOT do:

  • Login to the server. The account is locked and cannot be accessed even with a mail client.
  • Store data on the server.
  • Create lists.
  • Maintain a web homepage.

How do I create a Forward-only account?

When you choose "CREATE" in the Account Management tool, you will see a new Service type - "F", Forward-only. Choose this type and make sure that you supply the forwarding email address. You still need to supply all of the usual information when creating a new account.

How do I update the forwarding address for a Forward-only account?

Choose the "UPDATE" command in the Account Management tool and you will now see an option to update the "Forwarding address". This will update the user's .forward file. You can use this feature to update any user's .forward file. The Forward-only user can also update his/her own forwarding email address in Account Services.

How do I change an already exisiting account to a Forward-only account?

Choose the "UPDATE" command in the Account Management tool. Change the Service type to "F", Forward-only, and make sure and supply a forwarding email address.

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