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Instructions for creating email lists on ISC Networking and Telecommunications email servers

User with accounts on accounts on ISC Networking and Telecommuncations email server can create email lists, also called system distribution lists or mail reflector lists, or system aliases. Users can have up to 25 email lists.

Please review carefully the section on managing lists. As the registered owner of the new distribution list, you will receive any mailing error messages that may be generated by the list.

General mailings concerning the list can be addressed to "listname-request", where "listname" is replaced by the actual name of the list and will go to you as the list owner. For example, if you have added someone to a mailing list called "penn-zen" and they do not wish to belong to this distribution list, that person can send mail to "penn-zen-request" asking to be removed from that list and you will receive that message as owner of the "penn-zen" distribution list. It is your responsibility as list owner to honor any request to remove an email address from your email list.

On ISC Networking mail servers, we offer both unrestricted lists and restricted lists as a free service. Unrestricted lists are limited to less than 200 members and allow all members to send mail to the list. Any replies to an unrestricted list will go to the whole list. Unrestricted lists are best used where discussion between members is needed. A restricted list can have more than 200 members but only the owner of the list and people authorized by the owner can send mail to the list and any replies to the list will only go to the sender of the message. Restricted lists are best used an an announcement vehicle. Any unrestricted list with more than 200 members will be deactivated. If you need a discussion list for a large group of people, please consider requesting a fee-based listserv for your group.

You will need to use shell access to create mailing lists.


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