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ISC Networking Mail Servers Disk Quotas

Users on ISC Networking mail servers (like,, are given a disk quota which regulates the amount of disk space available to them in the user's home directory. Each user is given disk space for the storage of the user's mail spool or Inbox where new mail messages are stored, other Mail folders, HTML documents and other personal files.

Please see our rates page for the current quota and pricing for increases to the disk quota.

A warning email message is sent to any user who is using 95% or more of their disk quota. Once you go over quota, no more warning messages will be sent and you will no longer be able to receive mail and may not be able to use your home directory.

A user who receives a quota warning message should clean up data in his/her home directory. You can delete old messages or move them to your personal workstation using FTP or you could compress very large files.

A user can view his or her own quota by using one of the following methods:

  • using Account services and choosing the "Disk quota" menu item
  • from webmail
  • typing  quota  from the MAIN MENU prompt
  • typing  /usr/local/bin/quota  from the UNIX prompt.

Users who have questions or would like to request an increase in quota should contact their local support provider.


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