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Creating unrestricted email lists on ISC Networking Mail Servers

  • Create a directory called alias in your account's home directory.
    Enter the UNIX environment and type
    • cd
    • chmod a+x .
    • mkdir alias
    • chmod a+x alias
      Note that the "chmod" command opens up the directory so that the system's mailer can read it.

  • In the "alias" directory, create a file called list-name.list, where you replace "list-name" with the name of your list. This file will designate who receives copies of email sent to the distribution list. Note also that you may modify this file to add or delete members anytime after the list is created without having to notify the system.
    If you were creating a list named "penn-zen", enter the UNIX environment and type
    • cd alias
    • pico penn-zen.list
      Now simply type in the recipients' email addresses and save the file, exit PICO, and you'll return to the Unix prompt.
    • chmod 644 penn-zen.list

  • Now you are ready to submit the request.
    From the unix prompt or from the main menu, type
    • list-menu
      and choose the "add an unrestricted distribution list" option.

  • When requesting an unrestricted distribution list, you will be given an electronic submission form and asked to fill in two fields:
    • List name
      This is the name that you choose for your list. For example, if you type "penn-zen" here (do not include the quotes), the address of the distribution list would be
      Remember that only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes - or underscores _ are allowed in this field. Try to keep this field short -- your members may find a long name annoying.
    • List purpose
      Just a short description here of what you plan to use the list for. There is no need for more than a few words here. "For the exec board" would suffice.

  • After you have filled in the two fields, use your down arrow key to move the highlighter to the "Submit Alias Request" fields, and press Enter.

  • If there are no problems, your alias will be processed within 24 hours. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that your distribution list has been created.


Primary computing support is usually located in the schools, units, and residences, close to the faculty, staff, and students being served. Contact lists are available for:

To look up your local support provider, select your University affiliation above. You may also call First Call at 215-573-4778 to request a referral if you are not sure who to contact.


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