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ISC delivers key systems, services, and products to support and enhance research, instruction, and administration at the University of Pennsylvania. We bring our clients secure and ready access to vital information, everywhere from labs and offices to classrooms and student residences. We provide hiqh-quality support services that enable students, faculty, and staff to take maximum advantage of a technology-rich environment. We develop standards, policies, and systems that safeguard Penn's information assets, and we track and harness emerging technologies to benefit the University. ISC is responding aggressively to the University's ever-growing demand for cost-effective delivery of information technology services, and to heightened expectations of "anywhere/anytime" access to new and expanded services.

Spotlight On: Simple Best Practices Deter Cyber/Computer Threats
Computer (or cyber) security is in the popular press almost every day, from "Advanced Persistent Threats" to Chinese espionage to hacked Twitter accounts affecting the stock market. While the media coverage can be dramatic, most of the attacks rely on common tactics, such as phishing, vulnerabilities in vendor software, or malware delivered to an unpatched machine. The good news: these threats can be deterred by following relatively simple best practices and by implementing currently available technologies, according to Information Systems & Computing. ISC is excited about several information security initiatives taking place in FY14. For more information, please visit the Computing News.

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