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Below are email addresses, phone numbers, and web links for frequently requested ISC services.

  • Administrative Data Reporting/Data Warehousing
    Authorized faculty and staff can access and use University data for a variety of reporting needs. For technical support, refer to the Data Warehouse Support Services page. To suggest additional data collections or to find out how the Warehouse can help you with your data reporting needs, send email to
  • Administrative Systems
    Schools, departments, and offices at Penn seeking solutions for administrative and student systems by using information technology, should contact Jacqueline Raynor at 215.573.8242 or send email to

  • Billing Information
    For billing questions about ISC service, call 215.898.3377, fax 573-8412, or send email to

  • Cloud Computing
    For assistance in exploring and obtaining cloud-based services, refer to the Cloud Computing page.
  • Facilities Management
    Services include the housing and management of client-owned servers within a secured and climate controlled facility. Optional services include database administration and disaster recovery planning and implementation. For more information, call 215.573.4178 or refer to the Computer Center Data Operations page.

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  • PennNet Connections in Offices, Activations, & Disconnects
    Ordering information and connection rates are posted on the PennNet Connections page, or call 215.746.6000.
  • Technology Training Classes - For course offerings, certifications, and rates call 215.573.3102, send email to, or visit the ISC Technology Training Services web site.

  • Video Production, Videoconferencing, Cable Television Programming
    Production and video-related services and rates are posted on the ISC Video Productions web site or call 215.898.4336.

  • Voice and Cellular Services
    For a complete listing of telephone, voicemail, and cellular products, services, and rates, see the ISC Telecommunications web site.

  • Web Hosting
    Schools, departments, centers, and other units that do not have access to a web server within their school or center can obtain a directory on Penn's central server, For eligibility, service offerings, and rates see the Web Hosting Service page.
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Desktop Support for Students, Faculty & Staff: Refer to the Primary Support Services page to get help with hardware/software purchases; installation; and software, hardware, and network connectivity problems.
Information for Users of Administrative Systems: For persons needing help with accessing, learning about, or using administrative systems at Penn such as Payroll or Data Warehouse.
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