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Digital Signage Server Service

LTS is offering a shared Digital Signage Server Service using Carousel from Tightrope Media Systems. The service allows Schools and Centers to manage data content on digital displays on campus. Content can be published or updated by authorized content providers via an easy to use web interface. Account permissions are assigned so that users only have write access to the displays that they are responsible for within their School or Center. Separate channels and zones can be defined so that content displayed is tailored for specific audiences.The service will provide cost savings to Penn by allowing multiple units to share the cost of a single server infrastructure rather than each supporting their own local servers.

For additional information on the Digital Signage service please send email to magida@isc.

Service Cost Component:

Shared Server Cost

LTS is offering a shared server service model. For FY13, we anticipate the annual subscription cost to be at most $1609 based on 7 subscribed groups/schools ( Perelman School of Medicine, Graduate School of Education, Business Services Division, Networking & Telecommunications, School of Design, Rodin House, and Technology Support Services) we are anticipating the cost to go down as we get more subscribers.

Digital Signage and A/V vendor Cost

Cost associated with acquiring and installing a digital sign, players, and managing data content. There are 3 Tightrope Media Systems approved local vendors - Visual Sounds, Advanced AV and Cenero. In order to provide a quote, the AV vendor must complete a walkthrough of the environment. The vendor quote usually includes:

  • Display(Digital Sign) - cost varies by size and vendor. We strongly suggest you purchase the commercial grade display.
  • Installation cost - pulling cable and mounting digital signs - varies by vendor
  • Player - one-time cost can range from $2552 to $2935 plus annual maintenance cost which can range from $120 to $310
  • Misc. hardware - such as cables, mounts, and video transmitter/receivers- varies by vendor
  • Training - Content provider training - varies by vendor

Vendor Contact Information - Please contact magida@isc before you reach out to A/V vendors

  • Advanced AV - Vince Faville - - 484-889-2246
  • Cenero - Dave Barletta - - 610-344-7007 x316
  • Visual Sounds - David Bydalek - - 610-690-1471

Some of the subscribed Digital Signs across campus




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