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ISC Networking and Telecommunications: Announcements

The announcements included on this page are specific to placing service orders, describing new services, relating service cancellations, and offering strategies for support your Penn responsibilities with the services we provide.

Fall 2004

New Web Application for Changing Known PennKey Password (November 4 - Computing Web and IT-Announce)

ISC has developed a web-based application which PennKey holders can use to change a known PennKey password. The application is linked from the PennKey site:

and can be reached directly here:

Previously, known passwords could be changed only using Kerberos ticket manager client software like Leash or Kerberos for Mac. While the ticket manager software remains the preferred method for changing a known PennKey password, this new web-based method will make it possible for users to change a known PennKey password without installing any software on their desktop.

New Channel on Penn Video Network - FOX News (October 25 - General Press Release)

The Penn Video Network - the closed-circuit cable television system of the University of Pennsylvania - is very pleased to announce the addition of FOX News to our regular channel lineup. Starting Monday, October 25, 2004, FOX News can be seen on PVN channel 14.

Viewers may need to reprogram their television sets in order to view FOX News on channel 14. Basic television programming steps can be found on our website (, or in viewers' standard user manuals.

Penn Video Network is viewed by over 8,000 students, faculty and staff in over 60 buildings across campus, including all of the College Houses, the Sansom Place Towers, and many GreekNet houses. Penn Video Network is a service operated by Information Systems and Computing - Networking and Telecommunications, with support provided by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Executive Vice President; and in partnership with College Houses and Academic Services.

Summer 2004

Port Deactivation Policy (June 24 - Via email to LSPs and ABA members)

In an effort to provide more efficient service delivery to our customers and to allow for more accurate record keeping, ISC Networking & Telecommunications will begin enforcing our port deactivation policy beginning July 1, 2004. The policy and the procedures to follow to request a port deactivation are available online at:

If you have any questions or would like to offer feedback in regard to the posted policy, please write to:

Thank you!

Email Service Moves to Monthly Billing Cycle (June 2, 2004 - via email to POBOX Administrators and billing contact list)

This is to notify you that starting in July, 2004, ISC will change the billing cycle for our email services (POBOX) from bi-annually to monthly. The monthly charges for accounts and extra quota will be prorated and will begin to appear on the first billing for FY05 for the month of July, which will be processed in early to mid August.

You will be able to see the detail for your charges through the Ben Reports interface, as we announced and then demonstrated at the March and April ABA mtgs.

Once we have a monthly billing cycle, we will no longer send "Preview" reports prior to actual billing. Departments are responsible for reviewing and maintaining their POBOX accounts on a routine basis. Accounts for employees who have left or transferred will continue being billed until the pobox administrators for your departments have deleted them. To assist you with this initial transition, you should contact your POBOX admin and request a list of active email accounts for your department.

Please be sure to notify your Business Administrators, Financial Officers and POBOX Administrators in case they have not yet heard about this change.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you.

Last updated on 11/11/04


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