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DNS Changes - OS X help for Laptop users

Individuals who carry a laptop between on-campus locations and off-campus locations may need to configure their laptop to use appropriate DNS settings for multiple locations.

Below are instructions for configuring multiple locations in Mac OSX . This will facilitate easy access to 2 or more distinct networks (eg. home & office).

  1. Choose Location from the Apple menu and Network Preferences from the submenu.
  2. Choose Network Port Configurations from the Show pop-up menu.
  3. Select Ethernet port configuration.
  4. Click New.
  5. Name the new port configuration as desired (for example home), then click OK.
  6. Switch to the new Ethernet port configuration from the Show menu.
  7. Set up the new port configuration as desired.
    • Home connections should be configured according to instructions provided by your ISP.
    • Work connections should be configured with the assistance of your LSP

Please note, the default Automatic location does not accommodate having two configurations for using the same network interface in two different locations. You will need to manually switch between locations.

Switching between locations

Once you have created locations, you may quickly switch between them by using the Location submenu of the Apple menu. Or you can change the Location menu in the Network pane of System Preferences and then clicking Apply Now.

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