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DNS Changes - Who's affected?

The vast majority of individuals at Penn will not be affected by this change. Below are details about which remote offices will and won't be affected by changes to Penn's DNS service:

Remote offices considered

Remote offices considered

The majority of University offices that are not physically part of the main campus are PennNet-connected and therefore considered on-campus. The offices below will not be affected by changes being made to Penn's DNS services:

  • Judaic Studies
  • Library offices in the Bulletin Building
  • Morris Arboretum
  • New Bolton Center
  • Nursing LIFE
  • Penn Dental Clinics
  • UPHS
  • Vet School Building at 3937 Chestnut St.
  • Wistar Institute

The following remote locations are not PennNet connected and are not considered on-campus. They connect to the Internet via a third-party ISP.

  • Community Housing & Off-Campus Living
    (4046 Walnut St.)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Inn at Penn
  • Sheraton Hotel
    (excluding hotel rooms used as part of ResNet)
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian
  • Wharton West ( San Francisco)

In addition, some Schools and Centers make use of remote office space that is connected via DSL and is not on-campus.

Users in these locations should contact their LSP to determine what if any changes need to be made on or before July 11th.

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