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Need to request additional voice or data wiring for your location?

Do you need?:
  • An installation of a new wall plate
  • An additional port on an existing wall plate
  • To move an existing wall plate’s location

For wiring requests, please email The email should include building, room, budget code, site contact, business admin and wall plate ID (if wall plate is already existing at location).

Having trouble locating the port you want service on???

Chances are OMS may be missing a port or wall plate record.

Please check the following:

  • Is the wall plate and port physically there, wired and labeled as you are entering it into OMS?
  • Are you entering the correct wall plate prefix? Example – if the wall plate is WAL360-1-U1, you should be entering WAL360-1.

If the above steps do not work and you are unable to locate the port, please email for further clarification and assistance. Let us know what happened so that we can assist in completing/submitting your order.

Confused by the email notification you receive when one of your OMS orders is completed? Here is your 311 on the detail it contains.

When an ISC technician or project manager closes an order, an email notification is sent to each order contact (main contact, LSP, BA, if listed). The purpose of the notification is to let you know that your order has been completed and to provide you with a summary of the one-time charges associated with the work on that order. I highly recommend that you include your BA on all of your orders so that he/she is kept in the loop.

Take a look at this sample email.

Do you have an order in Draft and forgot to submit it?

No problem, your draft order is saved and located under your ”Manage Drafts.” Go to Manage Drafts, look for your specific order and submit! You will know that we received your request once your OMS order changes status from Draft to Validate/Scheduled.

Please note: Orders in draft do stay in our queue  and are visible to our team until  you submit them.  If you no longer need the order or service, please cancel/delete the draft order.

Receiving a budget code error?

  • For data orders: Try entering “5309” in the 5th segment (the Object Code) to clear the error message out.
  • For voice orders: Try entering “5263” in the 5th segment to clear the error message out.
Keep in mind that for most budget codes the Account ID value will be “ADMIN”.

If the above steps do not work, please contact your Business Administrator.

For more about budget codes, go to the OMS Guide page and look for Budget Codes in the Financial section.

Ever wonder what the Install and Monthly Charges mean?

  • Install charges are the one-time fees for the work being completed.
  • Monthly Charges are the ongoing charges (like port service fees) that you see on your bill each month.
Want to save a few seconds?

If the Install and Ongoing charges are the same:

  • Click the “Same as Install” link to avoid re-entering the code.

Want to check the Status of your OMS order?

  • Go to ‘Order History’
  • Select ‘Recent’ (displays orders that were recently submitted)
  • Next to each order number are its Status and Workflow. These let you know how far along ISC is in completing the requested work.
For definitions of Workflows and Statuses, see the User Guide page.
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