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Activation Rates

Activation & Conversion Rates FY'14 FY'15
Port Activation $40/port $40/port
PoE Port Activation $50/port $40/port
Video Outlet Activation $40/port $40/port
PennNet Phone Line Activation (Port Activation, New Telephone Number, and New PNP Set) $125/set $125/set
PennNet Phone Installation with an existing converted number with the port already activated for VoIP $35/set $35/set
Traditional Voice Line Activation $125/line $125/line
Data and PennNet Phone Port Conversion $20/port $20/port


Port activation rates are the same for 10Base-T, 100Base-T and 1000Base-T connections. Activations include labor charges.

The Video Outlet Activation fee covers video ports already installed in a building. Please note that not all campus buildings have a video network infrastructure.

PennNet Phone voice service activation includes one-time charges from Verizon for new or relocated lines ($45/line) and a one-time charge for technician labor and materials.

PennNet Phone Line Activation fees are no longer waived for FY'15 for existing traditional customers converting to PennNet Phone.



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