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Voice Rates: ACD

Description of Licenses FY'14 FY'15
Business Client $ 120.00/month N/A
Phone Only AGENT - VOICE ONLY $ 129.00/month N/A
Phone Only/Recording $ 135.00/month N/A
Contact Center Agent: Basic $ 131.00/month $ 137.50/month
Contcat Center Agent: Enhanced $ 139.00/month $ 146.00/month
Contact Center Supervisor: Basic
$ 141.00/month
$ 148.00/month
Contact Center Supervisor: Enhanced
$ 160.00/month
$ 168.00/month
Caller-only Menu (No Agent) $ 22.00/month $ 23.00/month
Additional ACD Call Center Services FY'14 FY'15
Update Custom-defined Greetings $ 15.00/hour $ 15.75/hour
Call Center Menu Changes (Call Routing) $ 94.00/hour $ 98.75/hour
Call Center Configuration Changes (Work Groups, Open/Close times etc.) $ 94.00/hour $ 98.75/hour
Record New Greetings $ 111.00/hour $ 116.50/hour
New Call Center (Call Routing) Design Fee $ 182.00/hour $ 191.00/hour
Marquee Report Services $67-$133/month $70-$140/month


Usage costs are charged at the standard rate of $0.10/min for long distance calls and $0.08/call for local calls.

Menu Changes, Configuration Changes, and New Call Center Design are billed in one hour increments.

New greeting recordings are billed in 15 minute increments.

Annual Support Cost Estimate
Low Cost Estimate

(5 hours x $100/hour) + (5 hours x $100.00/hour)

High Cost Estimate
(8 hours x $100/hour) + (8 hours x $100.00/hour)

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