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Voice Rates: Teleconference Calls

Penn Phone Set Three-way Call Option FY'14 FY'15
Local $0.08/call $0.08/call
Long-distance $0.10/minute $0.10/minute


University faculty and staff have several options for setting up teleconference calls: three-way calls using their phone sets and calls through individual accounts using Verizon Business and Intercall

Teleconference calls made from your personal phone set are billed per leg of the call at the current rate. Each long-distance portion of the call is billed at $0.10 cents/minute, each local call is billed at $0.08 cents/call, and each international call leg is billed at the respective country rate.

To learn more about your teleconference service options, please visit ISC Networking and Telecommunication's Teleconference Service pages.

Note: For alternative lower cost options, visit ISC's Desktop Video Conferencing page at:


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