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Voice Rates: Voicemail

Service FY'14 FY'15
Integrated Messaging Voice Mailboxes (for Voice over IP lines)
PennNet Phone Voice Mail Service -
  • Maximum capacity 100 messages, maximum message length 3 minutes per message.
  • Messages can be accessed / listened to / or retrieved by telephone, email account, or both.
$3.00/month $3.00/month
Traditional Voice Mailboxes (215 89V-OICE)
Mailbox A -
12 messages, 3 minutes each, 10 days archive

This service is no longer supported by the vendor. Clients must be upgraded to PennNet Phone in FY'14.

Mailbox B -
24 messages, 5 minutes each, 20 days archive
Mailbox C -
40 messages, 10 minutes each, 30 days archive
Mailbox D
Optional Feature - Pager Communication Feature
(must be requested in writing)
Other Mailbox Types  
Callers Menu $21.50
Group Mailbox $8.50
Listen Only $15.00
Transfer Mailbox $4.60


PennNet Phone VoiceMail

PennNet Phone's voicemail service integrates email and voicemail. PennNet Phone lets you receive, listen to, and manage voicemail messages by phone, by computer, or both. When you listen to messages by computer, you will hear the exact message that was left in the voice of the person who called through your computer's speakers. PennNet Phone Voicemail is only available with the PennNet Phone service.

Traditional Voicemail Service

Traditional voice mail (8-6423;V-OICE) equipment is no longer supported by the vendor.  Traditional telephones (Meridian, Nortel, and Aastra) and voice mail must be replaced with PennNet Phone by the end of FY’14.  To schedule your upgrade, contact the ISC Service Desk at or 6-6000.  See for additional information.



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