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Quick Service Tips: Work Smarter

Check Email or the Web between Meetings

Wireless PennNet service locations can be found throughout the central part of campus. Take a minute to stop along College Green or in Houston Hall to look up a detail online or to check your email messages between classes or meetings. Our wireless service pages have a full map of current wireless locations.

Enhance Your Incoming Call Processing

The Caller Menu voice mailbox option combined with Listen Only and Voice Forms mailboxes can save your staff valuable time answering repetitive questions or surveying callers. This voice mailbox combination is often referred to as Enhanced Call Processing, routing some calls to prerecorded information and others to a staffperson who can provide more detailed service for the caller. Information on all of our voice mailbox types are available on our voice services pages.

Evenly Manage Incoming Call Distribution

Our Auto-Call Distribution (ACD) Service provides equal distribution of workload for employees. The service allows queuing, music on hold, announcements to callers, and is fully programmable for holidays and after hours calls. The service generates productivity reports and includes supervision capabilities.

Produce Quick Voicemail Surveys

Does your office periodically need to poll students or the public regarding an upcoming event? Our Voice Form Voice Mailbox Type option gives you the option of offering short voicemail surveys that survey callers and record their responses, allowing you the flexibility of picking up the answers as it fits into your busy schedule. For more detail, see our Mailbox Type page on the Voice Services web site.

Share Phone Line Pickup Responsibilities

If you and your officemates use Meridian Business Sets, you may want to take advantage of the sets' Group Pickup feature, which allows anyone in your group to pick up another group member's telephone calls. Callers receive speedier response times, you and your colleagues are better able to support one another with departmental responsibilities.

Shorten Time Spent Reviewing Voicemail Messages

Use our Voicemail System Shortcuts page to guide you more quickly through voicemail service navigation, or for a full overview of the voicemail system, print yourself a copy of our Voicemail Flowchart.

Videoconference Rather than Travel

Save time during the job interview process by setting up "long distance" job interviews over using our videoconferencing facilities at 3401 Walnut Street. Or ease the work load during student admissions time by interviewing out of state student applicants without requiring them to visit campus. Bring distant research groups or medical practitioners together for a collaborative morning of meetings without leaving their individual locations.

Last updated on 10/21/04


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