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Quick Service Tips: Use Resources Wisely

Go Green (and Save Money) with Conferencing Services from Verizon Business

It's everyone's responsibility to consider the impact their actions have on the environment. One of the easiest ways your organization can help is to choose conferencing over travel, where possible. Use Verizon's conferencing calculator and see for yourself how choosing conferencing over travel can help reduce both your organization's CO2 emissions and its expenses. And when you're ready to sign up for this service, fill out the form on our teleconferencing pages to set up your account.

Coordinate New Phone and Data Service Orders

When preparing to place an order for new phone or data service, check with your colleagues to determine whether they need either phone or data service as well. PennNet wall outlets serve both your data and phone service needs, and coordinating new installations and activations will keep technician labor costs low.

Protect Phone Sets from Unauthorized Long Distance Calls

Take advantage of our voice Class of Service Options to restrict phone lines to particular types of calls. For example, limiting calls from phones in hallways, conference rooms, and open areas to the 215 and 610 area codes or to credit card only calls will lower your phone bills and save valuable staff time (no more tracking down who placed a particular call).

Review Your Voice and Data Monthly Statements

It pays to periodically review your voice and data billing statements. Make sure all of your active ports are being utilized. And go over phone equipment and line lists with your group. Does everyone need the more expensive multiline phone, or would some be content with a single or two-line phone set? A once a year review will eliminate unused data and phone lines from your bill, minimizing monthly charges to those items and services you really need. You may also want to review your voicemail accounts. Some users may have a large mailbox that stores 24 or even 40 messages when they only need to save fewer than 12 at a time.

Videoconference via Internet2

Are you using ISDN lines to videoconference? If your call participants are located at Internet2 member institutions, you might want to consider using our videoconference service. You won't have to maintain your own ISDN lines or pay toll charges for each call, and the Internet2 connectivity will provide better quality service.

Last updated on 10/21/04


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