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ISC Support-on-Site Services provides for-fee, technical services including, but not limited to:

  • Routine desktop maintenance - installing and configuring desktop software

  • Technical support - answering user questions

  • Technology planning - consulting on how to best allocate or use your IT budget

  • Desktop rollouts or upgrades - including project planning and management

  • Smartphone consulting and support

  • Windows LAN server consulting and support (in partnership with ISC LAN Technology Services)

  • Information security assessments and remediation

  • Assistance with hiring local IT staff

Support-on-Site Services is designed for departments who:

  • Do not have a Local computing Support Provider (LSP)

  • Need temporary IT assistance due to LSP vacation, training, or other short-term absence

  • Require temporary help to complete a short-term IT project or specialized activity

  • Need specialized knowledge such as Smartphone assistance or consulting on Windows file server security

Benefits of Support-on-Site Services

  • Our friendly, knowledgeable, customer orientated consultants will work with you to resolve your technical questions.

  • We assist a variety of departments at the University and are part of the central computing division, Information Systems and Computing. We bring broad experience and knowledge of the University and central services.

  • We are located on campus, so we can respond quickly to requests for assistance.

  • We provide technical consultants from our staff for departments needing less than a full-time, technical consultant of their own.

  • We will work with you to keep you up-to-date and consistent with University computing standards.

  • By working closely with each other and with other IT professionals on campus, we are able to provide a level of continuity and can coordinate access to expert resources.

  • Our staff can work closely with your existing IT staff to assist with new technologies or projects, providing knowledge transfer as well as hands-on assistance.


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