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E-mail Administration


ISC Networking and Telecommunications provides email service for various departments and schools across the University. Departments and schools are responsible for email administration for these accounts and can choose to do this locally or can opt for "full-service" accounts where ISC Technology Support Services provides these services in place of local account administration.

We Provide

With a full-service account, ISC's Technology Support Services provides the following account administration services:

  • creating accounts
  • deleting accounts
  • reinstating accounts
  • resetting passwords
  • revising quota limits
  • unlocking accounts

In addition, TSS will provide information about:

  • setting passwords
  • forwarding mail messages
  • setting vacation messages
  • cleaning up files to maintain disk quotas
  • recovery of temporary files
  • maintaining system distribution lists

E-mail issues may be due to the configuration of or errors on a desktop machine.

Not included in the full-service accounts are:

  • technical support for configuration or troubleshooting UNIX, Elm or other terminal based e-mail options
  • technical support for configuration or troubleshooting desktop e-mail clients (such as Eudora, Netscape, Outlook) or webmail
  • technical support for the creation or management of web pages and web forms

These items remain the responsibility of the Local Support Provider or is available from ISC Dispatch Services for an additional hourly fee.

Response Time

Departments or schools electing the full-service account will be able to request assistance via phone or e-mail (Monday - Friday, 9-5).


$12/account more than the standard account

When opting for the full-service account, all accounts within a budget code will be charged the additional fee along with the regular e-mail billing


Kristin Nelson
(215) 898-1785

For E-mail address, please refer to the University of Pennsylvania's on-line directory (


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