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Dispatch Service:

Support-on-Site's Dispatch Services provides short-term professional computing support to University units that either don't require a full time local support provider or have a need for short- to medium-term help. Core Dispatch Services staff comprises full-time Penn computing professionals. Services range from systems consulting, setup and configuration to network communications troubleshooting and handling complex interoperability issues. This service is charged at an hourly rate of $80/hour.

Managed Desktop Service

The managed desktop service provides technical support for the software installed on department Windows and Macintosh computers through tools that provide remote desktop administration, security patches, software installation, and system/application inventory to be scheduled and managed remotely over the network. Use of these tools provides enhanced security and can increase desktop standardization and reliability by allowing for rapid and efficient security and software updates. It also improves support by enabling more immediate response via remote tools, which can be particularly valuable in support of users that are away from the office. The monthly cost per desktop for this model covers the infrastructure as well as the staff time to support the service and to push software updates and security patches.

  • In the Full-Service mode, Technology Support Services provides remote user support along with desktop management. TSS is the direct contact for user questions. Work requiring an on-site visit is charged at a reduced hourly rate (10%). This service is charged at $21.50/computer/month.
  • In the Infrastructure-Only mode, the Local Support Provider (LSP) is responsible for providing all user/desktop support.  The BigFix tool TSS uses in the Managed Desktop Service is available for the LSP to use for desktop management. TSS would also be available to assist the LSP with local support as needed on a for-fee basis. This service is charged at $3.00/computer/month.

Special Projects :

Support-on-Site's Special Project Service provides individualized IT consulting services to help units make informed business decisions and implement discrete IT projects including :

  • Web Development 
  • Desktop Database Development
  • Needs Assessment
  • IT Planning Assessment
  • Desktop System Planning
  • Local Area Network Planning
  • Project Management

Consulting projects are charged at $110/hour.

Network Consulting Service:

ISC's LAN Technology Services group provides for fee LAN consulting services. Our consultants can provide assistance to Local Support Providers and Server Administrators in every stage of Windows domain planning, migration and deployment. Throughout the project we work with LSPs and Server Administrators to transfer knowledge and assist in documentation. For University units that do not have Server Administrators we also offer File Server Maintenance Agreements. For additional information visit LAN Technology Services.


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