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Technology Support Services

Mark Aseltine, Executive Director
Technology Support Services coordinates an overall program of ISC services for campus providers of computing support, and provides direct support services for clients on a contract basis. It brokers support and facilitates communication across Penn through user groups and other channels. It collaborates with other ISC units and with colleagues in schools and centers to maintain Penn's desktop recommendations and supported products and to address specific issues of interest to IT staff on campus. It provides leadership for the university in the area of local area network technologies. It supports classroom technology design, maintains technology in central pool classrooms, and coordinates activities to advance the effective use of new media in instruction. (See TSS's organizational chart)

Classroom Technology Services

221 Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut/6107

Jeff Douthett, IT Technical Director
Classroom Technology Services provides technical support for technology in Central Pool classrooms. CTS coordinates the design and installation of new technology systems in classrooms renovated by the Provost's Classroom Committee, maintains equipment used in Central Pool classrooms, prepares written instructions for faculty users, provides training and technical information to school-based support people, and assists in coordination of end-user support provided by the schools.

Client Services Group

202 Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut/6107

Amy Phillips, IT Technical Director
The Client Services Group serves as the primary support provider for undergraduates living off campus and in the Greek houses, and for graduate and professional students. It also serves as a single point of contact for local support providers on campus needing assistance with supported products or central computing services, and for faculty and staff who need referral to their local support provider or to other computing services. The Computing Resource Center (CRC) distributes the PennConnect DVD, which includes Penn's supported network and anti-virus software.
Contact points:
Walk-in: Computing Resource Center, 202 Sansom West, 3650 Chestnut Street
     Monday-Friday, 2:00 - 4:30 p.m. Bring your PennCard for access to the building.
Phone: First Call Help Desk, 215/573-4778 or ("FIRST" on a campus phone)
     Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

LAN Technology Services

219 Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut/6107

Magida Phillips , IT Technical Director
ISC LAN Technology Services provides leadership for the university in the area of local area network technologies and facilitates information sharing among LAN administrators on campus through user groups and campus teams. In addition, it offers several services on a cost recovery basis including LAN consulting, file server maintenance, domain accounts, Juniper Firewall deployment and maintenance, Secure Remote Access, Secure Remote Backup for Desktops, server and desktop virtualization and hosting.

Support-on-Site (SOS)

302 Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut/6107

Kristin Nelson, IT Technical Director
ISC provides a variety of fee-based local support services for University schools, departments, and administrative offices. ISC Dispatch provides a full range of desktop support services (system installation, configuration, and troubleshooting) as well as assistance with special projects, computing needs analysis, and technology planning. ISC Support-on-Site also places full-time computing support staff in University offices; these "distributed" staff take direction from the local unit but are managed centrally by ISC.

Technology Training Services (TTS)

218 Sansom Place West, 3650 Chestnut/6107

Kristin Nelson, IT Technical Director
Technology Training Services provides IT support provider training specific to the University of Pennsylvania, as well as information on discounted end-user and advanced computer training provided by external vendors to members of the Penn community. TTS also supports two state-of-the-art PC classrooms that are available for rent by the half-day, day, week or for longer terms.


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