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What are Report Formats?

Certain functions in Listserv's Web Interface allow list owners to display report output as as a web-based table viewed On Screen. You can also get the results in a "Comma-separated values" (CSV) format that can then be saved from your web browser to a file on your computer, allowing you to import the data into any reporting software that supports CSV files. For the CSV format, you can select either CSV Format (Subset) or CSV Format (All).

Note: For reports that span multiple pages, the CSV Format (Subset) option will only include data from the current screen in the report. For example, if a list contains 100 subscribers but only 50 subscribers are shown on screen at a time, then the CSV file will only contain the 50 subscribers shown on screen. Also, if you are using any narrowing options, only the data that fits the search criteria is included in the CSV file. The CSV Format (All) option, on the other hand, will include all the data in the CSV file regardless of the number of pages or any search or narrowing options.


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