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Registering Your PennKey

How to register

PennKey registration is an easy process.

  1. Obtain a PennKey Setup Code following the instructions at About PennKey Setup Codes.

  2. Log in to the PennKey application and follow the prompts to register your PennKey and password.

  3. (Optional) Enroll in Challenge-Response so you can initiate the password reset process online should you forget your password. Note: If you have access to sensitive information, you should not participate in Challenge-Response.

Once you've registered your PennKey and password, you can test them at

Some useful information relating to the registration process

  • Setup Codes expire in 60 days or once you've registered your PennKey and password, whichever comes first.

  • PennKey and many (not all) other systems at Penn draw username data from a central source known as PennNames. If you have previously created an account on another University system linked to PennNames, you will already have a username on record in the PennNames database and your PennKey will be set automatically to that username. You will, however, still need to set your PennKey password.

  • If the system does not set your PennKey automatically, you will be able to select a PennKey from the options that are presented.

  • It's wise to review the tips on creating a strong password and be prepared with a sufficiently strong password. Over time, Penn has implemented increasingly stringent password rules, so the PennKey system may reject a password you've been using with your email account or other Penn systems. You also should not use a password you've shared or used on non-Penn systems.





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