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Setting, Resetting, or Changing Your PennKey Password

The procedures for resetting a forgotten PennKey password and for deliberately changing a known password are distinct. To create a secure password that can withstand many of the same methods commonly used to steal or "crack" passwords, follow the University's password guidelines. Remember to keep your PennKey password (and all other passwords) secure. Good security practices are outlined on the Protect Your PennKey page.

Note: After Resetting or Changing a PennKey Password, you may need to reconfigure some settings. More information is available here.


Resetting a Forgotten PennKey Password

If you forget your password, you will need to reset it yourself using one of the methods described here. No one can retrieve your password or reset it for you.

If you're enrolled in Challenge-Response, log in to the Password Reset Application and reset your password online.


If you're not enrolled in Challenge-Response, you will need to initiate the password reset process offline and then reset your password online.

  1. Obtain a PennKey Setup Code in person or by postal mail. For security reasons, Setup Codes will not be sent by e-mail or given out over the phone. (Warning about Setup Codes)

    • In person - Visit the correct PennKey administration station with the necessary photo IDs. You must obtain a Setup Code yourself and cannot send another person (such as an assistant, colleague, or friend) to obtain your Setup Code for you.

    • By mail - Use the Setup Code Service to have a letter containing your Setup Code sent via U.S. Mail to you. You can select the address to which you would prefer the letter be sent from any of the addresses Penn has on file for you.

  2. Log in to the PennKey Registration Application and reset your password. At the time you reset a new password, also consider setting yourself up in Challenge-Response.

Changing a Known PennKey Password

To change a known password, you have two options:

  1. Change it on the web using the Change PennKey Password application. You will need to log in using your PennKey and current password.

  2. Use Kerberos ticket manager software. Windows and Macintosh users can obtain ticket managers from the PennConnect DVD or the Supported Products web site. (For UNIX operating systems, use kinit.) Instructions for "Changing Your Kerberos/PennKey Password" (Kerberos password is another name for your PennKey password) are included in the ticket manager documentation for Windows and Macintosh.

If you ever believe your password has been compromised, change it immediately and report the incident to




















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