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How to Use Your PennKey with Kerberized Services

While many Penn services (for example, PennIntouch, Blackboard, U@Penn, and BEN Reports) simply prompt you for your PennKey and password when you attempt to connect using a web browser, services that are secured using a technology known as Kerberos work a bit differently: They require the use of Kerberos ticket manager software AND your PennKey and password for authenticated access.

You must first launch ticket manager software (see below for more information), then enter your PennKey and password to authenticate yourself, then access the desired "Kerberized" service. If you access other Kerberized services during a specified time period, you don't need to authenticate again. This feature is known as single sign-on. Kerberized email, telnet, and file transfer (FTP) services are being phased in at the University.

Before you use a Kerberized service for the first time, we recommend that you read these introductory documents on Kerberos tickets and how to get started with Kerberos.

After you've oriented yourself, you may wish to review documentation that deals with specific facets of Kerberos setup and usage.

To find out more about how your School or center's systems will provide secure authentication with PennKey, consult the School and center PennKey information page.



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