NAME:       Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
DATE:       April 16th, 1996 (2:00-3:30)
LOCATION:   Room 332A, 3401 Walnut
ATTENDEES:      Mike Kearney, Katie, McGee, Mike Dettinger, Tony Olejnik,
                Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson, Emily Corse
CHAIR:      Emily Corse
FACILITATOR:    Tony Olejnik
MINUTES:    Tony Olejnik

    - none

    - White Pine Software has a demo version of Exodus v6.0 on their
      web site (
    - Accounts setup:
        - LS has set up the UNIX accounts
        - MD has setup up Apriori Host users
          (all of the apteam members and all of FC have accounts)
        - FC staff have installed the Windows Client software
        - two default groups have been set up:
            - SAS Host User
            - ISC Host User
        - FC have started creating incident reports
        - MD/MK are to give EC Apriori Database account access
        - MD/EC et. al. will coordinate issues relating to database
    - Hands Free:
        - We have a copy of the "hand free" code.  Seems like a
          series of Perl scripts.  Is only a 'prototype' now.
          However, Answer expects it to be a live product shortly
          (a couple of months).  A number of issues relating to 
          implementing this exist.  Its on hold but should not
          be ignored.

    - MD/MK are to give EC Apriori Database account access
    - KM, TO, MK, KN will work on external communication for this project.
    - MK/KM will modify future meeting agenda's  to reflect appropriate
      time  (30m was suggested) for Project update.  This will include a 
          verbal Plan summary which includes:
        - Show stoppers/Problems/workarounds
        - Tasks completed since last meeting
        - Task which are expected to be completed before next meeting
    - Team will discuss with Rich Sabag (of Answer) how to obtain
      updates (to software and installation instructions)
    - Team meets tomorrow (4/17/96) in rm 215 HRE from 9am-12noon.
    - Tony picks up (and Katie reimburses) Donuts and Bagels for our
      meeting tomorrow (4/17/96).

    - Project Plan:
        - Web development should be ongoing (0.5 days/week)
        - The project plan's tasks need to be assigned to individuals.
        - Q: What is our plan for external communication regarding
             this project?
          A: KM, TO, MK, KN will work on this.
        - Available Desktop applications:
            - T client (telnet, ASCII, kludge)
            - N client (Windows)
            - X client (Motif)
        - Q: What is the HW/SW requirement for which to run the
             above mentioned clients?
        - Printing (to locally defined printers) is an issue
        - Backup methodology needs to be refined

    - Training class report:
        - Good and informative
        - Much was learned and there is still a lot to be learned
        - The more work that is put into this, the more this system
          will help us.
        - See EC's email message (and MD's comments) for a list of
          outstanding issues which should be discussed tomorrow 
          with Answers rep (Rich Sabag) arrives on campus.
        - Q: How do we obtain patches/updates to Apriori?

    - Schedule for Answer on Campus:
        - Time is flexible
        - Team is to meet in Rm 215 HRE tomorrow (4/17/96) from
          9am-12noon (at a minimum) to meet with Rick Sabage.
        - We'll discuss where to go (and who is needed) from there.
        - Tony picks up (and Katie reimburses) Donuts and Bagels.

    - none

    - see above

    - 4/17/96, 9am-12noon, rm 215, HRE
    - 4/23/96, 2-3:30pm, rm 332A, 3401 Walnut