Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
April 2, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse, Tony
Olejnik, Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- Meeting Agenda
- Project Plan Draft

Meeting Summary:
- Discussed draft Project Plan and divided tasks among team members.  
Team members will estimate time to complete assigned tasks.
- Mike D. successfully installed Apriori Windows client on Win 3.1 & 
Win95.  Client is available via FTP from wal6000e.udc or on disk from Mike.
- Team discussed central configuration questions and arrived at some answers.
- Katie M. reviewed plan for steering committee presentation on 4/3/96.

- Can a prototype of the pilot implementation be completed by mid May and 
what resources need to be added to do so?
- Are there security issues related to having the data open to all users? 
(re: index structure)
- Performance issues and possible drain on system for increasing scope 
beyond 20 users.  The machine should be adequate but we need to add the 
issue to the project plan.

- Emily C. will contact Donna E. at Princeton for a copy of their Apriori 
implementation project plan.
- Mike D. will provide project plan feedback based on the Apriori training.
- Team will send Emily C. projected time for tasks in the project plan 
(see below).
- Mike K. will schedule on-site visit from Answer for the April 15th timeframe.
- Lila S., Mike D., Mike K. will check on passwords for unix and Apriori 
to determine how they work together.
- Team will install Windows client software as available.
- Mike K. will contact Steve Thompson re: X for the Macintosh license.
- Mike D. will change the opening Apriori banner to "Linking Helpdesk Pilot"
- Emily C. will add "Develop policy on opening banner announcements" and 
"Evaluate System Performance" to the project plan.

Meeting Details:


- Emily provided copies of the draft project plan.  This contains 
information from the Apriori plan and the team's affinity analysis.
- The team divided the major (bold) tasks and will provide time estimates 
for completion of the task.  The assignments are as follows:

#1  MK  Purchase Apriori
#2  MK & KM Project Scope
#10 LS & MD Database Admin & Design
#19 TO  Process Definition
#25 EC  External Communications
#28 LS  Installation of System & Software
#33 MD  Desktop Configuration
#43-78  TO & KN Completion of Installation Workbook (minus Client 
Information Defined)
#45 KM  Client Informatin Defined
#79-92  MK & KM Implementation of Results (minus 92 - 123)
#92-123 MD  Implementation of Results (from 92 - 123)

- Emily asked for the following information:
    1. Typos, wording problems, etc.
    2. Duration of task in days.  Minimum time = 1/2 day. Working 
       hours not time span
    3. Special start or end dates for the task
    4. Relationships to other tasks / dependencies.

- Emily C. will be attending Apriori training in Dallas.

- Mike D. successfully installed the Windows client on Windows 3.1 & 
Win95.  The client works with LWP, PCTCP and worked on Win95.
- The telnet client is accessed as  tsupport.
- Mike D. provided some disk copies of the client.
- The PC_client software is in directory /usr/software3p/apriori/PC_client
  on wal6000e.udc.upenn.edu. There are 5 subdirectories within this
  higher level directory:

  drwxr-s---   2 apriori  apriori      512 Mar 26 11:54 disk5/
  drwxr-s---   2 apriori  apriori      512 Mar 26 11:51 disk4/
  drwxr-s---   2 apriori  apriori      512 Mar 26 11:49 disk3/
  drwxr-s---   2 apriori  apriori      512 Mar 26 11:48 disk2/
  drwxr-s---   2 apriori  apriori      512 Mar 26 11:45 disk1/

  Each of these subdirectories contains the files that were on one of the
  5 individual diskettes distributed by Answer.

- We discussed the relationship between the unix and Apriori passwords 
and determined we need additional research.
- The X and Windows clients look very similar and both seem to work.

- Mike D. had sent a message with 4 configuration questions.  The team 
discussed the questions and either arrived at an answer or decided to add 
the issue to the project plan.  The results are:

1. The Apriori banner should now say "Linking Helpdesk Pilot".  A project 
task will be to determine a policy for placing information in the 
announcement section.  We agreed that this should be general computing 
announcements such as network outages or upgrades.

2. The index structure should keep the information open to everyone as 
long as specific client information is missing.

3. Required data fields was not resolved.

4. Hours of operation for pilot will be 9-5, 5 days a week.  We need to 
consider this further for future implementation.  This will be important 
for escalation purposes.

- Katie M. & Mike K. will be attending another steering committee meeting 
on 4/3/96.
- The team discussed what resources would be needed to create a small 
prototype with limited processes for initial team response by mid to end 
of May.
- The steering committee is interested in end users accessing the 
knowledgebase to be able to find their own solutions.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.  Please notify apteam@sas of any changes.