Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
April 23, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney(c), Katie McGee(f), Mike Dettinger(m), Emily 
Corse, Tony Olejnik, Kristin Nelson

Agenda, virtual.
Apriori handout that Emily brought back from Dallas.

Meeting Summary:
The Meeting centered on the project plan.  Many Items were eliminated,
verified as completed, or assigned to the group.  These assignemnts 
will be shown in the action items.

The project plan.

Meeting Details and Action Items:
- Emily and Mike D will document their actions in respect to system 
changes to aid in the maintenance of Aproiri.

- Support Processes - there is a need for a list of all processes 
currently in use.  Proposed by Mike K.  This should be a document that 
sits in the Apriori index and will be completed by Mike D and Emily for 
ISC and SAS respectively.

- External Communications - the web will be our primary mechanism for 
communication to the friends of the team and the general public.  Katie 
will assume leadership in communications to the steering committee.

- Desktop Requirements
    Mac Client - MFSupport on Exodus - Tony will capture the minimum 
system requirements.
    Printing Needs - For ISC Maintenance, Mike D.  Emily will 
investigate the win95 printing needs.  Tony and Kristin will investigate 
InterPrint for Mac printing needs.
    Remote access for Apriori - Mike D. will report on the useability 
of the windows client over various ppp configurations.  Mac remote access 
is on hold at this time.  Tsupport is also an option.

- System Backups - Lila and Mike K

- Reporting on hold at this time.

- Host user and roles Mike D and Emily

- Client Groups Mike D and Emily

- Definition of custom client fields, Mike K and Katie

- Document info and format (requires quick action) Kristin and Mike D.
    Docs to be based on issues.  Definitions of criticalities which 
are not entirely clear at this time.
    The group accepted a proposal to create three document status: 
Draft, Under Review, and Official.  Mike D will make this change to 

- The group decided that problem reports will not be used at this time.  
Mike D will make the changes.

- Incident and Queues issues will be discussed by Emily and Mike D.

- Custom Field Links will be Mike K's light reading during his train 

- The hours of operations proposal was 5x24.  Emily will investigate 
alternatives, assisted by Mike D.

- Define Reports and Escalation Katie and Mike K.

- Triggers & Scripting Mike K. (Mike has written a successful trigger.)

- Index Issues, Emily and Mike D.

- Client Data Load - Pending Design - Katie will take the lead.

- User Training Plan - responsibility will be owned by the group.

Random Notes:
- Mike K has asked Emily to put the project plan on the web in PDF format.

- Rick Sabag will be back in town, May 20 and 21 to deliver more training.

Minutes recorded by Michael B. Dettinger.  Please notify of any changes.