NAME:      Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
DATE:       April 9th, 1996 (1:30-3:30)
LOCATION:   Room 332A, 3401 Walnut
ATTENDEES:      Mike Kearney, Katie, McGee, Mike Dettinger, Tony Olejnik,
                Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson
CHAIR:      Mike Kearney
Facilitator:    Katie McGee
MINUTES:    Tony Olejnik

    - meeting agenda
    - Updated Project Plan

    - One (1) copy of White Pine's "Exodus" X-Server software for the
      Mac has been obtained from Steve Thomson (of DA).  (Katie received

    - Team is to review "Facts about Pilot" doc and feedback to Mike K.
    - Mike K. is to schedule a time for Answer to come on campus and
      work out the logistics relating to the visit.
    - Team is to work with Answer (when they're here) on various
          pilot implementation issues.
    - Katie M. is to determine which database (PennCard/PAS/etc.) will
      be used to feed Apriori database.
    - Team is to review Project Plan and report to Emily.

    - Project Plan:
        -Updated project plan was distributed and discussed.
        -some additional data needs to be included (such as
         completion of Installation workbook)
        -project plan tasks need to be assigned to individuals

    -Apriori's visit:
        - Three things need to be complete before Apriori's visit:
            1.) define host users
            2.) discuss/define client data
            3.) define index structure
        - Are we ready for Apriori's arrival?
        - training need to be completed
        - How to proceed?
        - Date for Apriori's visit (and related logistics) 
          needs to be scheduled.

    - Steering Committee Report:
        -They would like a Demo by the end of the academic year
         (ie 2nd -> 4th week of May)
        -Q: Are we piloting a system for hundreds vs thousands?
         A: hundreds
        -Q: How does Van Pelt House (Al Filrese sp?) support
            fit into this pilot?
         A: Ira has responsibility (to talk to Al F.).  This issue
            is tabled until after Demo.


    -Customer Data:
        -What do we need and why?
        -Which Database should be used?
         (Katie to work with DA (Jean C. and Steve T.) on  this.)
        -SAS requires machine info as well.
        -at a minimum, the following is necessary:
            -affiliation (fac/staff/student/alumni/other)
            -Department (home)
        -additionally, the following is desired:
            -Primary address
            -problem site
            -preferred contact
        -Q: should each client record be associated with a single
            user record?  (there's both pros and cons to this)

    -Document index structure:
        -Network connectivity
    -(NOTE: post meeting info: Karen van Dusen (CMU) provided Penn
     with their index structure.)