Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
February 20, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Katie McGee(c,f), Mike Dettinger(m), Emily Corse, Tony
Olejnik, Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- Meeting Agenda (virtual*)
- Responsibilities of the Database Administrator (virtual*)
- System administraton Functions in support of Apriori 
    * These Handouts were distributed by Email.

Meeting Summary:
"Great meeting, Mike took good notes."

- A continuation of the discussions started last week on the roles of the 
Apriori administrators.
- A continuation of the discussion on the Pilot Draft.

- Kristen and Tony will redraft the Pilot Draft.
- Please send additional comments to Kristen and Tony no later than 
Thursday, 2/22/96.  We were only able to discuss a portion of the 
document at the meeting.

Meeting Details:
- The meeting was moved to 3401 Walnut, Suite 332A.

- The minute format proposed by Kristen was approved by the group.
- Due to the critical nature of these meetings, Lila will try to make all 
future team meetings.
- It was proposed that the meeting site be moved from HRE to 3401 
Walnut.  We are awaiting final confirmatin that the room will be 
- Emily noted that Answer System's Web Page seems slow.  She also noted 
that Platinum has a web page.  She will be adding this and other related 
URLs to her home page.

Old Business:
-CMU: The discussion pointed out that many, if not all, Apriori users 
that we have contacted have a central support structure.  It would be 
beneficial to seek out an organization that has a Distributed support 
    The discussion turned to the use of queues.  The group was 
invited to think of the scope of the queues and their effect on ISC-SAS 
interactions.  What pieces can we share?  What pieces are different?

- The affinity analysis discussion was deferred until next week.  Please 
review the 2/13/96 minutes.

- The team reviewed the System administraton Functions in support of 
Apriori handout.  Some key ideas from the discussion: WAL6000E is 
currently not maintained 24/7.  It is also not currently configured for 
heavy Email usage.

- The team also reviewed the Responsibilities of the Database 
Administrator handout.  It was strong in defining ongoing roles, but weak 
in the definition of start-up roles and activities.
- The above two handouts would serve as clarifications to the parent team 
an therefore should be as complete as possible.

The Pilot Draft:
- This hour long discussion produced pages of notes.  I have made every 
effort to record them as faithfully as possible.

- The doucment should list the units involved in the pilot:
    ISC: Firstcall
    SAS Computing/Customer Service  
    Which includes: - SAS Help Desk
            - Desktop Support
            - Technical Integration

- The document is too detailed - should not list time lines.

- The July 1 Date is imposing.

- Target Date and Time Lines should be in a Project Plan.

- Consider and define the audience.

- The role of others is not clear and the term "buy-in" should be replaced.

- VPUL involvement is critical.  We should share information with other 
University groups, but not mention names in this document.

- The scope, which as written, requires the participation of other groups, 
should be changed.  

- The scope should be SAS Customer Service and ISC First Call for just 
the pilot.

- Under Description, the first paragraph should be rewritten.

- Under Key Requirements:
    Item 2 should be divided into three elements: Routing calls as 
necessary to proper resource; Escalating Problems; Tracking Problems.
    Item 4 Making Knowledge Base availableto end users.  User base 
should be defined as the project progresses.
    Item 5 Custom view - Fact of Apriori Fiction.

- The documents is still ISC Centric.

- The Joint in Joint development has to be defined.

- The discussion finished with a call for examination of existing 
processes.  This should be a deliverable.

- My handwritten notes will be given to Tony and Kristin to aid in their 

Minutes recorded by Michael B. Dettinger.  Please notify of any changes.