Team Name:  Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
Date/Time:  February 6, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)
Location:   HRE rm 215 (I believe)
Attending:  Mike Kearney (Facilitator)
        Katie McGee  (Meeting Chair)
        Mike Dettinger
                Emily Corse
                Tony Olejnik (minutes)
                Kristin Nelson

1.) Announcements:
    - MK indicated he will be out from 2/19 thru 2/21.
2.) Old Business:
    - KM created a mailing list for the team (apteam@sas).
      This was tested.  However, there is the need to re-test.
      (post meeting note: KM testing the email list and all
      is fine.)
    - The status of the site questionnaire, distributed via emaial
          after last weeks' meeting was briefly discussed.
    - A short discussion as to what the regularly scheduled 
      meeting time will be took place. It was decided that the
      meetings would take place on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30 (with
      the next regular meeting scheduled for 2-13-96).

3.) New Business:
    - A significant portion of the meeting delt with a discussion
      of the "DRAFT description" (of the 'Link Dispersed Help Desks
          Across Campus" pilot).  A number of general comments were
      mentioned.  In addition, there were several specific issues.
      As such, MK indicated that he would send an electronic version
      of the doc to the team. And, after additional review, the
      team members should forward their comments directly to MK
      by thurs 2-15-95.  MK in turn, will organize this input into
      Draft #2.
    - MK solicited verbal feedback from the attendees (on the draft
          doc) and recorded the information on a flipchart.  The info
      is as follows:

        - "FC" & SAS specific should be expunged
        - ISC & SAS
        - Open for everyone to use (ISC & SAS)
        - what about (?)
        - Scope: computing only
        - Description: 2nd tier bullet
        - What is a problem? 
              Exception handling
        - Remove 'ISC'ness from draft
        - Scoping Problem
        - Terminology {incidents}
        - general, generic standards
        - scope's standards'-> recommended practices
        - ISC & SAS jointly (with initial consultation with others)
        - Project Plan

    - Princeton University visit
        - Scheduled for 2-8-96
        - arrive at Princeton 10am
        - KT and EC making separate travel arrangements
        - MK, KN, and MD going in one car (picking MD on the way)
        - MK to org questions for Princeton visit.
4.) Meeting Summary:
    - MK's absence on 2/19-> 2/21
    - Mailing list test
    - Site license questionaire
    - Regular meeting schedule
    - Discussion of project decription
    - Princeton U. visit