Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
June 11, 1996 (1:30 - 3:00)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse, Lila 
Shapiro, Kristin Nelson, Jim Johnson

- Apriori People Data chart 
- Apriori project schedule 
(both available on http://www.upenn.edu/restruct/helpdesks/)

Meeting Summary:
- Discussed needs and next steps for demos to be held over the next few 
- Client data is available for import to Apriori.  The team needs to 
coordinate with ISC.
- Document working group will review current sample documents and 
discuss ongoing process.
- Plans for upgrading Apriori should hold off until after the Fall Crush 
and testing is complete.


Lila - investigate an update to perl on wal6000
Lila - ftp scripts from CMU
Katie & Emily - provide name of SAS document representative for document 
working group
Mike K. - further investigate MacX & eXodus
Mike D. & Emily - determine what happens during escalation process
Lila & Mike K. or Katie - meet with Jim Choate re: client data
Mike K., Mike D., Emily, Katie - meet about demo

Meeting Details:


- Vacation Schedules
    KN - June 11-13
    KM - June 24-28; July 8-10; August 12-16
    LS - August 12-16
    EC - July 5 & 8
    MK - July 8; July 19-23

- ISC Network maintenance is interested in the Apriori project and 
hooking Apriori with their current system.  After the demonstrations are 
complete, the team will have more information to further discuss this 

- Karen Van Dusen from Carnegie Mellon University sent information about 
their trigger scripts.  These are available via ftp from 
ftp.andrew.cmu.edu in the directory /pub/apriori.  Lila will ftp the 
scripts to Wal6000 in a directory to be determined.

- Wal6000 has been successfully moved.


Client data status
- Client data from PennCard will be available prior to the demo.  Jim 
Choate will be able to help extract a set of data for importing to 
- Lila will be the point person for data loads and will contact Jim C. 
to schedule testing of the process.  Mike K. or Katie will attend this 
meeting with Lila.
- Longer term there will be a generic extract and change log for 
providing this need for other campus groups as well.  Apriori will be a 
test bed for this.  Timeframe for starting this project is beginning of 
- For demo purposes - a subset of the data with faculty, staff, and 
students only
- Apriori batch load utility looks for data in one of two formats:
    User defined delimiters
    Apriori format with field name & value

First call process implementation
- About 20 ISC routings are in place with email triggers and working for 
the queues.  The email address can be an email alias for a group of 
- Queues do not need to be notified via email.  This is an Apriori 
setting for notification via email or Apriori.
- First Call is ready for full time staff to process calls using 
Apriori.  Students manning the phones will continue to use current 
system.  Full time staff on limited phone coverage for the present.

Demo status
- The demonstrations have been added to the project plan.
- Looking for real client data for the demos.
- The documents inputted by James Brewer at First Call look good.  Need 
to delete some of the sample documents.
- For the demo, we are planning three scenarios:
    A.  Call comes in, locate & attach document, close call
    B.  Queues & escalation
    C.  ISC / SAS sharing call process
- Mike D. & Emily will determine what happens in escalation process 
(e.g., is email automatically sent or how can this be accomplished)
- Mike K., Katie, Emily, Mike D. will meet this week to discuss the demo 
and data.
- The Pre-demo demo will be for Jim O'Donnell, Ira Winston, Mike Eleey, 
Linda May.  The Steering Committee meeting will be scheduled for the 
week of the 17th or 24th.  Emily & Mike D. will do these two demos.  
Katie M. & Mike K. will do the remaining demos.

Project plan tasks
- Critical tasks include:  demo preparations; client data; information 
about X server for the Macintosh

Training issue:
- Professionalism in entering information into the shared environment.

Document working group
- Kristin will pull together a small group (from First Call, ISC Comm 
Group, SAS, Apriori team) to discuss two issues:
    Review of current template and sample documents already created
    Process of document review and ongoing maintenance of documents.
- Katie is representing the Apriori team on the Fall Crush documentation 

Apriori upgrade
- The team consensus is to hold off on upgrading the Apriori software 
and number of tokens until the system can be tested with ISC and SAS 
during the fall crush.  

Next meeting will be June 18 1:30 - 3:30 in 3401 Walnut.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.  Please notify apteam@sas of any