Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
March 12th, 1996 (1:30-3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie, McGee, Mike Dettinger, Tony Olejnik,
           Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- meeting agenda
- ISC FC telephone intake process (updated)
- SAS install process
- ISC install process
- SAS - getting email process

Meeting Summary:
-Distribution of Handouts
-Old Business
-New Business

To Do:
- LS will Obtain and Install Apriori v2.1 
- KM will add Bonnie Gibson to APTEAM mailing list. 

Meeting Details:
- Announcements:
     -  MK -The web page for restructuring is now available to the public 
    at www.upenn.edu/restruc.  Please take time to read it.
     -  MK - Bobbie Gibson will the liaison for the Apriori team to the 
    steering committee.  Bonnie will be added to apteam mailing list.
     -  KM & MK will be attending the steering committee meeting next 
    week and will do a brief presentation about our teams progress. 
    We will report back the the team. 
     -  KM & MK will meet with Bonnie Gibson to review assignments 1 & 2 
    from steering committee.

- Old Business:
      - Training:
                - Mike D. will attend the March Training in Chicago.
                - Katie M. will most likely attend the April training
                  (at a location TBD. Answer will send info on this to MK.)
        - Project Plan:
                - Emily's on vacation.  Thus, work on the project plan is
                  deferred until her return.

- New Business:
        -  Review of the following processes:
         SAS Installs
         ISC/Resnet Install
         SAS getting an email account
    -  The processes were reviewed and discussed.  We agreed, at this
    time, not to make changes.  Rather we are looking for complicated
    processes to send to the training classes. 
    -  Reviewed processes will be updated by the presentor and will be
    available for Mike when he leaves for his trip next week. 

 -  Next weeks processes:
    -CRC walkins by KN
    -Remote PennNet Access by  TO
    -Network Maintenance by MD/MK
    * Special note:  highlight the handoffs in the process.  This is
    usually an area of difficulty. 
    - People Data - KM will meet with Jeanne Curtis about getting data
    from PennCard or somewhere else in the warehouse to fill the client data
    in Apriori.  KM will report to the group at the 3/26 meeting. 

         -Brainstorming process list:  ( from 3/5 meeting)
                - The team brain-stormed the following initial list:

                1.) Remote PennNet Connectivity:
                        a.) Async
                                1.) PC
                                2.) Mac
                        b.) Remote IP
                                1.) PC (DOS, WIN, WIN95, ...)
                                2.) Mac (MacTCP, OT, ...)
                                3.) Other

                2.) Email:
                        a.) elm
                                1.) New account
                                2.) existing account maintenance
                                3.) existing account usage
                        b.) POP (Eudora)
                                1.) New account
                                2.) existing account maintenance
                                3.) existing account usage

                3.) Network Maintenance
                4.) Hardware Repair
                5.) Hardware orders
                6.) ResNet Install (ISC) - MK, KM
                7.) Installs (SAS)
                8.) email intake
                9.) walk-in intake
                10.) FAX intake