Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
March 26, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Tony Olejnik, Lila 
Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- Meeting Agenda
- Apriori implementation highlights (MD)

Meeting Summary:

- Mike and Katie described Wednesday's briefing for the pilot steering 
- Mike Dettinger reported on his Apriori implementation training. 


  Lila will set up Unix accounts for the team. Id's to be provided to her 
by MK.
  MK and MD will set up Apriori accounts.
  Lila and MIke D will attempt to install the Windows native client on 
their respective 3.1 systems.
  Mike D. will circulate a list of system-wide implementation parameters 
which the team will need to discuss. The team will discuss problems or 
questions via the list prior to the meeting so we can get an idea of how 
much discussion will actually be required  to sort them out.

  Next meeting should provide a hands on demo of Apriori for the team. We 
should schedule 1/2 the meeting (1 hour) for this purpose. Meeting 
location may change in order to accomodate the demo.

Meeting Details:

Old business:
Plan discussion was deferred as Emily is a Microsoft Project training.

Lila reported that version 2.1 arrived this morning and has been 
installed successfully.
Windows client files have been copied to a directory on the RS/6000 
server. We may be able to FTP them for installation.

Steering committee report

  Mike and Katie presented for 1 hr on March 20th
  Major topics presented included:
    An Apriori overview (what IS this thing?)
    How does Apriori link Help Desks and improve service?
    How does the pilot fit into the model?
    What are the challenges?
  Reaction of the steering committee to the presentation was generally 

  The presentation led to considerable discussion among the steering 
committee with the reaction from several members recommending that we 
expand the scope.

  Considerable discussion among the team followed.


  The team is willing to sort out what it will take to make July 1 a hard 
  for the base implementation (SAS + ISC). This will almost certainly 
mean getting committed resources early on.
  The team is willing to try to put together a workable prototype 
(incomplete, but representative parts of client data, workflow processes, 
documents, and other  implementation  parameters) somewhat before the 
July 1 target. Such a prototype would form the basis for discussing 
broader deployment, i.e., we'd know enough to give more accurate answers 
on many of the questions which have come up.

Things to implement first in a prototype:
  Small number of customers (1000) (If this makes sense by being more 
easlily doable than 'the whole thing').
  Representative (get e-mail or net maintenance) or easily configured 
('no brainer') processes.
  Documents on common, high volume support activities, derived from our 
current stable of support documentation and FAQ's.  Windows 95 support 
materials might be a good marketing point. Quality and usability of 
current commercial offerings are a big unknown. 

Apriori Implementation Class:

Refer to Mike's notes for major topics.

Mike D. pointed out 1st obvious SAS/ISC dichotomy which needs to be settled 
for implementation: collect problem or user information first. This a 
system-wide decision, affecting all Apriori host users. Katie responded 
with SAS willingness to collect user data first. Issue resolved. There 
are other similar issues (see to do's).

Document management issues were raised in the discussion. Who owns them, 
who reviews them, etc.  This is an item the team will need to address 
during the implementation. Good news: Apriori actually provides 
mechanisms for doing this.

Next step: bring Apriori support people on campus to work with the team.

Minutes recorded by Michael Kearney.  Please notify of any changes.