Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
March 5th, 1996 (1:30-3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie, McGee, Mike Dettinger, Tony Olejnik,
       Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- meeting agenda
- March 5th draft of pilot description
- Apriori 2.1  'article' (designating new changes in v2.1)
- ISC FC Call Routing Reference Sheet
- ISC FC telephone intake process

Meeting Summary:
-Distribution of Handouts
-Old Business
-New Business

To Do:
- LS will Obtain and Install Apriori v2.1

Meeting Details:
- Announcements:
    -KM will do minutes next meeting
    -MK queried team for PennNet IDs for Apriori (+ UNIX) account creation
    -a short summary of Apriori v2.1's changes was distributed and discussed

- Old Business:
    - Items to be added to Project Plan
        - Selection of Desktop  software for use with Apriori
              (every team member should have access to both a PC
          and Mac in order to evaluate the desktop Apriori sw.)
    - Training:
        - Mike D. will attend the March Training in Chicago.
        - Katie M. will most likely attend the April training
                  (at a location TBD. Answer will send info on this to MK.)
    - Project Plan:
        - Emily's on vacation.  Thus, work on the project plan is
          deferred until her return.
    - Final Discussion of draft pilot project document
        - Please refer to final revision sent out by MK.

- New Business:

    - Flow charting tools:
        - MK solicited input on flow charting tools.
          A product that he already knew about is 'Claris Impact'
              (for simple flow charts only).  KM had mentioned a
          flow charting tools for Windows which she'll obtain
          info on.

    -Process Review:
        - The team reviewed MK's process flow on FC's initial
          telephone intake.

    -Brainstorming process list:
        - The team brain-stormed the following initial list:

        1.) Remote PennNet Connectivity:
            a.) Async
                1.) PC
                2.) Mac
            b.) Remote IP
                1.) PC (DOS, WIN, WIN95, ...)
                2.) Mac (MacTCP, OT, ...)
                3.) Other

        2.) Email:      
            a.) elm
                1.) New account
                2.) existing account maintenance
                3.) existing account usage
            b.) POP (Eudora)
                1.) New account
                2.) existing account maintenance
                3.) existing account usage

        3.) Network Maintenance
        4.) Hardware Repair
        5.) Hardware orders
        6.) ResNet Install (ISC) - MK, KM
        7.) Installs (SAS)
        8.) email intake
        9.) walk-in intake
        10.) FAX intake

        - For next our next meeting, we'll have completed (for
          review) the following processes:

            -Remote connections (MD, TO)
            -CRC Walk-in intake (KN)
            -ResNet Installs (MK)
            -SAS Installs (KM)
            -Email (elm) (KM, LS)