Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
May 14, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney (f), Katie McGee (c), Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse,
Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson


Meeting Summary:
- MacX is alive and well.  MK will continue investigating cost issues.
- Cut and paste in eXodus is simpler than previously thought.
- MK will reschedule Rick Sabag's training visit from 5/20 to the week of 6/10.
- We'll plan to schedule the first Apriori demos for the week of 6/17.
- We discussed rough ideas for the demo; demo planning will be added to
project plan.
- KM summarized client data meeting with Jim Johnson.
- We reported on project plan progress and assigned some additional tasks.
- No meeting 5/21.  MK will miss meeting 5/28.

- Will we be recommending MacX or eXodus for Macintosh X server?
- What is our plan for training support staff; how can we best use Rick
Sabag's services to train our version of Apriori?

- MK will explore site licensing options for MacX.
- MK will reschedule Rick Sabag's visit.
- EC will add planning of demo to project plan.
- EC will report number of active customer records in SAS workorder database.
- MD & EC will meet 5/20 to test procedures.
- MD, KN, & EC will meet 5/30 to practice rough version of demo.
- KM will add "backup and restore issues" to 5/28 agenda.

Meeting Details:
- MK spoke to John Mulhern of the CRC about MacX.  It would currently cost
us $190 per license from the Computer Connection.  John is exploring volume
discounts; MK will ask him to also look into site licensing.
- Use "paste" from the Edit menu in Apriori app, not from eXodus menus.
- Rick Sabag may be more useful to us in "train the trainer sessions."  He
could also present Apriori basics to our staff, but he won't know how to
teach SAS and ISC specific procedures.  We'll try to get him in for the
week of 6/10 so he can help us prepare for our demos, which we'll plan for
the week of 6/17.
- Demo ideas:  We'll do demos for the steering committee, our official
"friends" (Med, Library, VPUL, SEAS), ISC & SASC staff and management as
interested.  KM and MK should be trained to do demos.  We'll need some
robust data loaded, including some clients, documents, incidents in queues,
etc.  The demonstration should include 1) escalation; 2) sharing of
incidents between support organizations; 3) distributed staff point of
view; and more.
- Issues raised in discussion with Jim Johnson.  He's back at Penn after an
8-month hiatus.  We should use the "PennID" as our unique key; it's an
8-digit random, used as key in existing Penn databases.  We should be able
to use "user name" and "user phone" as search keys.  Penn's "people"
database, created from the PennCard base, includes most basic info, not
including actual local address (payroll address only, which is often a
business office).  We may need custom fields for "actual local address"
which we could then maintain ourselves.  The Penn "white pages" database
includes local address info for most faculty and many staff.  "Green pages"
or "people database" may be source for student local address.  There are no
delta files kept for the people database; we need to pressure the ISC to
add this feature.  We need translation tables for our abbreviations (ie,
SAS instead of "School of Arts and Sciences).  Jim will begin attending out
meetings as of 5/28.
- Updated assignments and tasks completions on project plan.  EC will
update plan online.

Minutes recorded by Emily Corse.  Please notify of any changes.