Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
May 7, 1996 (1:30 - 3:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse, Tony Olejnik, Lila 
Shapiro, Kristin Nelson

- Meeting Agenda
- Desktop hardware & software requirements

Meeting Summary:
- Review of project plan and status of items
- Demonstration of incident & document creation

- Project plan is now on the web site (www.upenn.edu/restruct/helpdesks/)
- Apriori second tier support is provided by Answer Systems.  Pursue this 
if first level support is insufficient. 
- Generic customers for Apriori testing are named "Generic Customer" and 
"Generic II Customer"   

- SAS quick calls - time to log calls when there is a quick answer.  
Apriori will change the way SAS helpdesk does business in this situation.
- SAS installation ticket currently creates multiple work orders from the 
FileMaker Pro database.  Will this be possible using Apriori?  Team 
agreed that this is not a top priority but will need investigation.
- Macintosh X client configuration and use

EC - document for Macintosh setup in eXodus
MK - details on MacX availability & licensing
MK - investigate cut & paste in eXodus
EC - meaning of ampersand (&) in Apriori
LS - test restore of backup in early June
MK / KM - client definitions item reassigned in project plan

Meeting Details:

eXodus configuration on the Macintosh
We discussed various configuration issues using a Macintosh X session and 
Apriori's mfsupport.
- issue with cut, copy & paste
- select "Rootless Macintosh" in the screen editor setup in eXodus
- printing is under investigation by TO

Apriori issues
- clicking on the document ID in the incident window does not bring up 
the document
- integrity of the master symptom list needs to be maintained
- the ampersand must have a special meaning within Apriori.  Use of "&" 
gives odd results -- EC will investigate

Project progress
- list of hardware/software requirements complete -- TO sent via email
- document criticalities - only one criticality called "standard"
- strawman proposal for client data (fields) -- MK sent copy to team
- define on-going database maintenance -- may need to split it up into 
its components
- printing from Mac using X -- TO is investigating and making progress
- weekly backup appears successful and investigating backups with 
ADSM.  LS will plan for test restore of backup in early June.  Backups are 
made to two types of media.
- document template draft complete.  Discussed fields that are 
maintained with the document and those to be placed within the document.  
The template is already set up in Apriori.

Demo for end of month
For an Apriori demonstration we are targeting for using real client data, 
incident and document templates

Demonstration of incident & document creation
We ended the meeting with an Apriori demonstration.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.  Please notify apteam@sas.upenn.edu 
of any changes.