Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
November 26, 1996 (2:00 - 3:00)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Firstenberg, Lila Shapiro, 
Kristin Nelson

- Capacity Planning graph (MK)
- Project Plan from Web (MF)
- Current master symptom list (KN)

Meeting Summary:
We discussed capacity planning and have a strategy for capacity versus 
number of simultaneous users.
We estimated the number of users for March 97 at 50 and greater than 
that in September 97.
We reviewed the next steps for the documentation in the knowledgebase.

John Mulhern from CRC now has access to Apriori via MacX.
Generic users will now show the individual's name for follow-up.
Mike K. has the Apriori 2.2 software.


M. Kearney & L. Shapiro - Continue work on determining upgrade 
capabilities of current system (memory, disk space, CPU)
K. McGee - Ask Chris to contact M. Kearney re: triggers
M. Kearney - Contact CMU for latest version of their e-mail trigger
M. Kearney - Forward the rules for symptoms from the Apriori meeting
M. Firstenberg - Project Plan
M. Dettinger - set up Apriori users mailing list

Meeting Details:
Capacity Planning - Mike K. provided graphs based on Apriori 2.1 and 2.2 
system requirements (per Apriori).  The chart includes data points for 
the current configuration and requirements.
The following information is derived from these charts and the current 
   Item            Simultaneous users   Upgrade for additional users
   swap space      20 users             add disk space
   memory          35 users             add memory
   CPU             40-60 users          upgrade or replace CPU

The likely number of simultaneous users for March 1997 is estimated at 
40-50.  This indicates the campus will need to obtain an unlimited 
license for Apriori.  Estimates for September 1997 are greater than 50 
users.  A question is whether the Hands Free product will take care of 
the additional access needs.

Performance test - Plans for a performance test on Tuesday, December 17 
from 2-3 PM in lieu of the regular meeting.

Triggers - E-mail trigger is at the top of the list to do.

Documentation - Subgroup of Judy Smith (ISC Communications Group), James 
Brewer (ISC First Call), Mike Firstenberg, and Kristin Nelson will meet 
for the preliminary work of modifying the master symptom list and 
document index.  After this has been refined, the group will focus on 

Plan for an Apriori primary users meeting the second week of January.

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.  Please notify of any changes.