Apriori Implementation Team - Minutes
September 10, 1996 (1:30 - 2:30)

Attending: Mike Kearney, Katie McGee, Mike Dettinger, Emily Corse,
Lila Shapiro, Kristin Nelson, Jim Johnson

- Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary:
- Discussed issues with performance, people data extracts and updates
- First Call staff going live. SAS using knowledgebase feature.
- Documentation, token contention, interaction among groups are 
additional issues to be addressed

To Do:
Mike K. - determine if a session can be removed when idle for a period 
of time
Katie M. & Mike K. - review data fields on information provided 
previously by Jim J.
Emily C. - send message with additional information about Windows client 
upgrade problem


- First Call going live - approximately 350 items logged to date - 
mainly ResNet issues.  Positive reaction from First Call staff.  
Performance is acceptable - one problem was the machine running out of 
paging space which was adjusted.  People data batch load may have 
contributed to this problem.

- Server Outage 9/7/96 - One outage on Saturday due to disk space 
shortage.  Additional space allocated.  This happened during the 
database reorganization which happens at 2 AM each morning.

- Problem with update ("c" patch) for Windows client.  Emily C. is 
following up with Apriori Tech Support.

- SAS is planning to use the Apriori knowledgebase only at this time.

- Steering committee status report planned for end of October (possibly 

- Emily has resigned from Penn.  The next will be her final Apriori 

New Business

- Client data processing status - Mike K. processed base data + 
approximately 16,000 updates.  Updates include deletes & modifies.

- Operations Issues - Performance is still an issue.  If the pilot 
works, we may then be looking for a replacement system.  Once Fall crush 
slows, we will re-evaluate and look for possible performance boosts.

- PennCard/people data extract update + timing and nature of database 
The software for the extract is written, tested and is working well.  
Feedback to the Applications Development group - request for daily 
updates (generally under 500 per day on a normal day.)
Changes in email address not added.  Applications Development is 
investigating when this can be implemented.
Mike K. & Katie M. will review past information from Jim J. about 
division & affiliation data and other fields.

Reminder - Need to check nature & accuracy of data in location for 
faculty and staff (e.g., desk location vs. paycheck location or mail 

- Token contention - Currently 20 tokens are available for Apriori.  SAS 
& ISC will agree to split the tokens (8 / 12).  The groups need to work 
on an agreement on how and when to kill sessions which are using a token 
but which are idle.  For example, can the session time out when idle for 
a period of time (e.g., 1 hour)

- Documentation issues - need to further discuss documentation issues

Minutes recorded by Kristin Nelson.  Please notify the team of any